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Murayama Releases Another Dev Diary

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Tohru Murayama once again released another column based on Virtua Fighter 5 for the Playstation 3, detailing the game’s “VF.TV” mode.

VF.TV, as the TV segment of the name might suggest, is a mode players watch instead of play. In the mode, players can watch saved content ripped from bouts and matches, complete with a number of options.

Murayama recommends exhibition matches as players tool with the mode as it contains a number of game play options with specific parameters. He notes that the mode is not just visually appealing, but those looking to emulate expert players can learn a thing or two from watching the mode.

“Watching battles between experts is an especially handy addition,” he notes. “Anyone wanting to gain the upper hand over their opponents can watch as experts use techniques new to VF 5 (both offensive and defensive) to gain a better understanding of the combat system. It’s highly recommended for newcomers and veterans alike.”

He makes mention of a VF.TV function labeled “Button Entry Display” which displays what buttons have been pressed in order to execute the moves performed in the match. This way players can see how experts perform even the most basic of offensive and defensive maneuvers.

The movie theater mode in the game will have four types of movies, according to Murayama. He explains two of those modes are not movies but demos rendered in real time and actually adopted in the very first arcade version of VF 5.

Murayama has been releasing a handful of developer journals since the Japanese release of Virtua Fighter 5 earlier this month. The title is set to release for U.S. Playstation 3 Feb. 20. For more information on the title, check out our Virtua Fighter 5 console preview.

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