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The growth of broadband internet access has allowed bloggers to include multimedia content on their blogs, enabling a richer experience for their visitors. By strict definition, multimedia content is content that uses more than one form of media to present its message, such as text plus graphics and/or audio and/or video. As long as more than one form of media is included, it is defined as multimedia.

Strict definitions aside, multimedia is more commonly used to refer to the use of audio and video files on the internet, as text plus graphics is the norm and not commonly thought of as “multimedia”. Audio and video allow the blogger to make a closer connection to their audience by putting a voice and a face to the personality. Readers and visitors now become friends and followers.

The rise of video sharing sites such as YouTube have made it all the easier to upload and embed videos on blogs, removing some of the more difficult technical barriers to entry into this field. Additionally, inexpensive equipment and easy to use software has allowed people to create near production quality videos for mass consumption. All of these factors combined make multimedia a popular form of content online, both for producers and consumers alike.

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