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Muggle Mania: The Dark Side

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Okay, I’m still wrapping my head around the scene when I accidentally landed in Muggleville last night…

I will grant you this: Getting kids jazzed about reading is WAY cool. Big thumbs up there!

But, there is a dark side. Here’s a quote from the Chicago Trib today:

“… a 56-year-old mother of two adult children from Marblehead, Ohio, was staying at an Oak Park hotel. She drove 300-plus miles with the black dress, witch’s hat and wand that she took to the Oak Park event in 2003.

…her husband, a jail administrator, does not share her Potter passion, but he drove her to and from the event.” (My thought: that man is crazy in love with that woman. Or maybe he was seriously needing a little “me time”)

She said in 2003, her husband called the fans “the biggest bunch of weirdos I’ve ever seen.” As if that wasn’t enough, I can’t even believe this. How either of them ever had the courage to move out of their parents’ basements mystifies me. I mean, they had to date and stuff in between D&D tournaments and Star Trek conventions. Where DOES one find the time? THE ANT WATCHER BEGS YOU: IF I EVER TELL YOU SOMETHING THIS DISTURBING ABOUT MY MARRIAGE, SHAKE ME SILLY UNTIL I SNAP OUT OF IT.

Stay tuned for my observations from the 2005 extravaganza .

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