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MTV’s The Dropout Chronicles Hopes to Inspire Solutions

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More than one million high school students drop out in America each year. MTV is working to help change those statistics. Their new documentary, The Dropout Chronicles, follows three students – only one of whom will graduate from high school. Each of the students faces their own set of challenges and viewers will get an inside glimpse of what it’s like for each of these students.

Maxine, from San Diego, has one test to pass in order to graduate. She’s three days away from graduation. Will she make it?

Sean, from Miami, wants to graduate and make his father proud. He find school boring, but has decided to see it through and try to make for the days he’s missed earlier in the school year. Can he remedy his mistakes?

Glendy, from the Bronx, dreams of owning her own business. Her parents are from the Dominican Republic and never had the chance to graduate from high school or attend college. Glendy has a lengthy commute to and from school. Can she hang in there and make it to college?

In addition to the documentary, MTV will also announce the winner of its “Be the Voice” college scholarship competition. The documentary and scholarship were put together in conjunction with MTV’s participation in the May 9 National Summit on America’s Silent Epidemic.

This documentary was eye-opening and the statistics provided were astounding. Over one million dropouts per year, that’s 6,000 every day. Forty-seven percent of dropouts said they quit going to school because it was boring. It’s amazing that kids don’t see the potential that a diploma brings – college, better paying jobs, self-confidence, the list could go on and on. I hope that MTV’s efforts and the efforts of the Summit will bring attention to this “Silent Epidemic” and we as a nation will take notice and make the necessary changes, whatever those may be.

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