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MTV’s Hired Helps Viewers Hone Their Job-Seeking Skills

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Given today's economy, the unemployment rate in California is significantly higher than what would be expected in a state that has an economic budget/impact ranked eighth in the world. At this writing it's down below 12% in Los Angeles County, but Los Angeles itself is still at 12%. Down where I live near the OC border, it's over 13% thanks to the drop in cargo at the ports. Now that things are s-l-o-w-l-y starting to move in terms of retail sales and other economic indicators are starting to show some positive movement, jobs are starting to open up.

MTV, No Regrets Entertainment, Chesler/Simmons Prods. and MWM have partnered up to feature "genuine" reality shows that are educational and entertaining in the same package without the faux drama going on in the background. Think of Hired as a documentary series and you will have a great handle on the gist of the show.

A variety of companies have positions to fill. They allow MTV to follow the company leaders and meet the applicants who made the first cut past the recruiter, who gives sage and useful advice to the applicants (some of which is not followed at all). Segue to the first interview with the company leadership and you have instant, on the spot interview training. You can see who starts to nail it — and who blows it. You hear from both the applicant and the employer about expectations and needs. It is real life happening and you get feedback regarding who blows the first interview — and why. Then with the final interview of three candidates, you get to see who really doesn't do their homework for that final, crucial decision-maker of a meeting.

What is really great about this series is that they come back about a month later and check in with the employer to see how the new employee is doing in their position. In the episodes I have seen, it has been incredibly successful for those people who got hired.

I saw four episodes back to back, all LA-based companies: Warren-Tricomi (the celebrity hair mecca), Blowfish Shoes, Models International, and American Rebel PR.

Let me make one thing clear: this is not reality TV as you know it. "Documentary," or "docu-series" as MTV likes to call it, is a more accurate term. This is a straightforward, well edited, and carefully crafted series about how to get a job with the backstory being what little things can totally blow the entire process, from forgetting your tools or writing samples or not having any questions to ask about the company. It's a great introduction for any high school or college student as well as those who have been laid off and need to brush up on their job-hunting skills. Not everyone is young; there is a man in his 30s in the Models International segment.

Hired is smart, sharp, and shows off the best of what MTV can do and is as far from The Hills in terms of "reality" programming. There are other episodes coming featuring the following companies:

Hired premiered on Monday, May 17 at 6:30 PM ET/PT and will air weekdays at 6:30 PM. Note that times may vary by cable or satellite provider so check your local listings. In the mornings they run previous episodes back to back so you really get a feel for the series and what it's teaching people and how true to life it is.

Thumbs up for this docu-series that truly presents reality as it should be. It teaches as well as entertains and will give high school and college students and grads some tips on how to navigate the job hunt. For those who have lost their job and are a bit older, this will help them brush up on their job-seeking skills.

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