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MTV Blames Janet Jackson for Breast Flip Flop

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According to the head of MTV, Janet Jackson masterminded the Super Bowl halftime stunt that exposed her right breast and prompted a federal probe into television indecency.

    “Janet Jackson engineered it,” MTV Chief Executive Tom Freston told Reuters in an interview. The blame on Jackson comes on a second day of fallout after pop idol Justin Timberlake tore off half of Jackson’s black leather bustier while the pair were singing a duet, exposing her right breast at the conclusion of Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show.

I must confess that I missed the entire fiasco. Apparently her saggy orb was a most uplifting experience.

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  • Rita

    I feel that the whole situation is being blown out of context….if it were anyone else no action would have been taken, but since it was Janet, everyone is making a mountain out of a mole hill….. she apologized now get over it…..

  • BB

    If I had shown my breast on TV I don’t think there would have been near as much ballyhoo 🙂 But then again..

  • Sarah

    Since it was Janet??? Please! How tasteless of her to bare her breast on national tv… I sat there in shock for at least 10 seconds… could not believe it. She needs to pay for her offense…. yeah.. she apologized.. and then we need to forget about her.

  • BB

    Yes, but can she help herself? After all she is a Jackson.

  • BB

    Instead of “sagging orbs” how ’bout “peek-a-boobeys”?

  • Jenny

    Good Grief. I didnot gather my kids around the superbowl to see a strip show. I am sick of this crap. Who cares who did it. Fine her. I am positive that the streaker on the field was arrested & fined for indecient exposure. Is she above the law? I don’t allow porn in my house, and now it is being showed in my childerns faces. Well I am not suprised… look who her brother is… a crotch grabbing, child molester!

  • tino

    I totally agree with Rita. This thing went too far and they also banned her from the Grammies. I don’t understand. Is it better when Christina Aquilera appears almost completely naked on the stage?


    I agree that it is being blown out of proportion. Look at the Emmy’s and other TV show’s. How many of them show flesh. How often did J lo and others. Only because it’s Janet it’s an issue. It may have been planned but so are all the outfits that people go on the award shows with and nothing is ever brought against them. I think we should just let it go, it’s over but the NEWS and MEDIA have to blow it up. That’s why there is so much contraversy in this world, people don’t know when to let things go. There are more important things in this world than Janet Jackson’s boob.

  • joni

    Amérique tu as toujours dans l’ame ce coté raciste. POrquoi toute cette histoire autour d’un sein pour la simple raison que ce sein etait celui d’une femme noire. Si celui ci aurait été blanc personne n’aurait rien dit et l’incident aurait été clos. Le superbowl est un sport majoritairement blanc et regardé en majorité par des blancs. Quel outrage pour la communauté blanche américaine. Et pui c’est les elections les conservateurs doivent avoir trouvé de la matiere pour alimenter leur programme de campagne. Mais n’oubliez ce que Janet a fait pour la musique americaine et a travers le monde. C’est une artiste hors pair c’est un français qui le dit. C’est un chef d’oeuvre contemporain une oeuvre d’art en mouvement quand vous voyez un rembrant un piscasso vous ne dites pas “cachez moi ce sein que je ne saurait voir” vous l’admiré comme une oeuvre. Alors pays des geants et des plus forts ne vous laissé pas abattre par un simple petit sein dénudé. Ce n’est pas un scud de saddam que vous avez vu c’est une chose naturelle source de vie “un sein” mais pas n’mporte lequel celui de Janet Jackson une icone.

  • BB

    Below is a translation of the previous comment by Altavista’s BabelFish:

    “America you always have in the heart this with dimensions racist. Why all this history around a centre for the simple reason that this centre is that of a black woman. If that Ci would have been white person would not have said anything and the incident would have been closed. The superbowl is a sport mainly white and looked in majority by white. Which insult for the American white community. And pui they is the elections the conservatives must have found matter to feed their program of countryside. But do not forget what Janet did for the music americaine and has through the world. It is an artist except par it is French who says it. It is a contemporary chief of work a work of art moving when you see one rembrant a piscasso you do not say “hide to me this centre which I could not see” admired to you it like a work. Then country of the geants and strongest let to you not cut down by a simple small stripped centre. It is not a scud of saddam that you saw it is a natural thing source of life “a centre” but not mporte which that of Janet Jackson a icone.”

  • Dear Joni- You are a retard. First, Janet Jackson has made NO significant contribution to art. Comparing her to Rembrandt and Picasso? Frenchie, please.

    Michelangelo made a classic work of art with his statue of David, penis and all. Even dumb crackers in your imagined American countryside get this. That does not, however, mean that Chester the Molester opening his trench coat to children in the park is a great artist. He’s just a perv.

    You are also invited to take back your racial pathologies and stick them in your ass. This Freudian racial schtick does not show superior intellect and sophistication, but merely pretension and cheap posturing.

    Finally, I don’t speak French, so I’m responding based on BB’s provided translation. Therefore, I apologize if any of this criticism is misguided based on faulty translation.

    On the other hand, maybe you should get with the program and learn to speak English.

  • Dwaine AKA Scooter AKA D.J.

    This whole “tit” story is stupid. Very, very stupid.

  • Eric Olsen

    Dwaine buddy, you don’t like our extensive breast coverage?

  • Dwaine AKA Scooter AKA D.J.

    It’s not that. It’s just that people are takin’ a friggin breast out of proportion. They kicked Janet out of the Grammys, there’s a federal probe, and this is all over an exposed breast?!? It was an accident!(well, probably not, but she apologized) The nipple wasn’t even fully exposed for Christ’s sake! I actually like the breast coverage, FYI. It’s lovely. I enjoyed the tit. I’m sure every straight guy enjoyed it, even those who opposed it. They’re just scared that they’re not going to be “moral”. People are so upset by something they were getting milk from as infants. It’s stupid.

  • BB

    Having read Dwaine’s comment I’m suddenly feeling a compulsion for something to drink. Must be a freudian slip, or something, I guess, well.. maybe. Dunno.

  • Dwaine AKA Scooter AKA D.J.

    Got milk?

  • joni

    dear Al my english is very well.I am french and i am pride to speak in my natural language. La plus belle langue au monde. Please let me this pleasure
    thank you. america let iraq people alive. I love you Janet you are the best

  • Joni — Your english may be very well but your sheer Eurotrash dumbassedness is very better.

  • Joni- I don’t really care about your English, I was just razzing on you a bit.

    More Iraqi people are living now than would have been, thanks to the efforts of America’s fighting soldiers. You can thank them. The Husseins are no longer filling mass graves. The rape rooms and kiddie internment have been shut down as well.

    Janet is the best what, exactly? I hope you don’t mean “best” at singing, songwriting, or anything MUSICALLY related.

    I don’t get to talk to many French people, so while you’re here could you explain to me about the French and Jerry Lewis. I mean, what’s the deal there?

    Maybe it’s the same problem that would cause someone to think that Janet Jackson is the best.

  • BB

    I think you hurt her feelings Al.

  • I was TRYING to play nice. Honest.

  • all you negatories out there hating on janet need to back off, and get a life. ALL of you will be silenced on March 30th, anyway……JANETROCKS4EVER!!!!

  • Robert

    Amazing that one blog can contain such witty intellect AND have some of the most truly mindless drivel ever uttered. Janet sucks ass, and everyone knows it, including her and especially her record company, who spend more money on marketing her than they EVER would on her records. And her grotesque, floppy mocha sack waving in the breeze was just another act of desperation engineered to keep her name in conversation. They can all rot in hell. And has anyone ever noticed that America is the only country in the world that has a problem with nudity?

  • America is certainly NOT the only country that has any objection to public nudity. How well do you think this Superbowl stunt would have gone down in, say, Iran?

    You’re absolutely right, however, about the general suckingness of Janet Jackson music. All the publicity in the world was not enough to make a hit out of this crappy new bunch of crappy crap.

  • “crappy new bunch of crappy crap”

    I love it Al. Can I borrow it?

  • Help yourself. I don’t give a shite.

  • Can I use that one too?

  • Robert

    Oh, granted, Al… I should’ve been clearer. I’ve never considered Iran (or any of that other Thrild World refuge infested with religious fanaticism) a country… just a big parking lot waiting to be paved.

    And thank Whatever that even that lame ass publicity stunt couldn’t sell Janet’s embarrassingly bad records. In spite of American Idol, maybe there’s cultural hope for USA yet.

  • Robert

    Then again, that’s really too much to hope for, come to think of it. Maybe American Feces is the best we have to offer. *sigh*

  • s