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MSN bans Pop-Ups

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Microsoft is phasing out pop-up and pop-under web advertisements on most of its global websites by the summer. Apparently new research (the best that money can buy) has showed what most of us web users already know – we don’t like them.

So what was their first clue?

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  • So, now the shameless sack of sh!t that calls itself Blog Bloke is stealing material from someone it claims is a dumb darkie. And, note that mine is a real blog entry.

  • Tom

    I think it’s incredible that most people don’t surf with pop up blockers already. I have been using Mozilla or Safari for dog’s age now, and take for granted that there are still popups.

    My mom keeps asking what program she can buy to get rid of popups, I say use Mozilla or something.

  • BB

    Excuse me ??????????????

    When did I ever call you or anybody else a “dumb darkie”? Are you completely nuts oh Mouthy one? Prove your allegations or begone into the ethernet forever!!! Your fixation on color has obviously affected your sense of reason (if you ever had any) and you are only proving my case. LIAR, LIAR, pants on fire.

    The only shite that I see is on your shoes because you just put your foot in it Mouthy Diva. If you want to get into a childish war about who writes the better post please keep it between yourself and the Shark. Unlike you I am not interested in reworking articles (cut and paste) to make it look like mine. You are obviously trained in the school of verbosity whereas mine believes that less is more. If that is your style then more power to you.

    My post obviously refers to a recent BBC news item. Yours refers to something completely different written well over a month ago. Nor had I even seen it until now. But thanks for bringing it to my attention anyway 🙂 If you are trying to imply that I plagiarized your work well then.. please don’t flatter yourself because your stuff ain’t all that great anyway.

    And thank you for graciously referring to my other article. The promo is appreciated and given your flame perhaps it is time to add an epilogue?

    Do you have a job by the way? You seem to have an inordinate amount of time to peruse BC making imbecilic remarks such as this. Just wondering. Oh, and remember – I am a keeping a record.

    Ok Eric and Phillip what more proof do you need? Are you going to do something about this crazy person? This is going to get worse until you do something about her.