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Mrs. Pollifax Pursued, by Dorothy Gilman takes its readers on a wild ride from Manhattan to Conneticut before even beginning the road trip of a lifetime. When Kadi Hopkirk is discovered hiding in the closet, Mrs. Pollifax does not waste any time getting to the bottom of things. After all, the sprightly senior citizen is a fully registered CIA agent. What starts out as a simple getaway from no-goodniks who want to cause Kadi harm turns into an escape of Pollifax proportions.
Ever since Emily Pollifax wandered into the CIA looking for work because she was bored with life in general (pottering around with hubby hardly qualified as life enriching), she has not been able to stay out of trouble. Using the aid of Bishop and Carstairs, her CIA contacts, Kadi and Mrs. Pollifax find themselves among a troupe of traveling circus performers for a brief respite from their enemies. Wouldn’t you know it, there has been a death just prior to their arrival. And so, off again goes Mrs. Pllifax on yet another mystery to solve.
Meanwhile, back at CIA headquarters, an international coup is taking place when the president of a foreign land ends up dying. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated occurance.
Gilman is especially adept as weaving two distinctly diverse plots into one storyline. What makes her so enjoyable to read is that Emily Pollifax could be anyone, from a widow to a older lady bored with life to someone who is just ready for a change to occur.

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  • Think so. My library has seen newer editions.

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    Could anyone tell me if Dorothy Gilman is still writing her Mrs. Pollifax books? Thank You