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MP3 Music Sampler: Aberdeen City–The Freezing Atlantic

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Let’s face it: as guitar-driven alt rock goes these days, The UK has it all over the USA. Sure, there are some great American bands making inspired post punk and alternative rock music, but much of the buzz comes from our allies across the pond. Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Editors, The Libertines (R.I.P.) are just a few great UK acts in the last couple of years.

Luckily, with more bands like Boston’s Aberdeen City coming on the scene, perhaps the Stars and Stripes is moving in the right direction, at least where indie rock is concerned.

Aberdeen City’s first LP is being released on October 25, but curious, discriminating music fans can download 3 of the tracks to give The Freezing Atlantic an early spin.

God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me (mp3) My favorite of the three.

In Combat (mp3)

60 Lives (mp3) First single off the album.

After a couple of listens, Aberdeen City comes off as not your average rock band with angular guitar riffs by the dozens. The songs are not manufactured with cheesy pop hooks to reel you in. That’s not to say the music isn’t accessible, because it is. But it’s a more nuanced listening experience than you’re bound to get from Franz Ferdinand’s new album (a long player that I am warming up to as well with each spin). Aberdeen City lets you in a riff at a time, until you are adding it to your iPod’s favorites playlist.

The band played The CMJ Marathon in NY a few weeks ago, and are currently touring our fine country. They’ll be in Philly on October 28 at the Khyber. I don’t know how I could possibly pull that off, since I have 3 shows in 4 days that week. I have a marriage to keep intact.

A side note: Name an album this year with a better cover than this one. You can’t.

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