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Movies That Set The Mood For An Easy Evening

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On a winter evening when a fire is burning brightly in the hearth and a bag of popcorn is being warmed up in the microwave what kind of movie would you like to watch with your other half?

Here is my list of movies that set the mood for an easy evening

Pillow Talk – Anyone who has ever suffered from a cross connection can vouch for how irritating it is to share a phone line. One knows the intimate details of a complete stranger’s life and what could be worse than sharing a phone line with a charming womanizer?

Doris Day and Rock Hudson laughed us through this evergreen classic. The first scene is sexy in its innocence where we are treated to a look at Ms. Day’s delectable leg and later when on Rock Hudson sings the song “You Are My Inspiration” to all his girlfriends it’s a hoot.

Though the comedy, at times, does go over the top, it was fun to watch the movie again and remember a time when jeans and sweatshirts were unheard of.

Incidentally, Doris Day was given an Academy Award nomination for her role in the movie.

That Touch Of Mink – Fur, chicken pox and Cary Grant. The combination may not be conducive to romance, yet this romantic comedy has us laughing from beginning till the very end. Cary Grant is a suave businessman looking for sex and Doris Day is an attractive woman saving herself for Mr. Right.

At the end of the movie the tomcat gets what he wants but at a price that is a double whammy 😉

Send Me No Flowers – Is a story about a hypochondriac man who tries to make future plans for his wife after his demise. It’s a quirky movie that seems to be an extension of the Pillow Talk chemistry between Doris and Rock.

However, that being said, the movie is original in its storyline and has some amusing scenes that tug the heart.

Gone With The Wind – “Tomorrow is another day” are the famous words that summed up Scarlett O’Hara’s indomitable character. Gone with the Wind is a tear jerker that demands a box full of tissues and a cuddle from a loved one.

While in the modern times the movie is best known for its depiction of the Civil War, slavery and the Reconstruction period, it also is a tribute to the fledging spirit of “feminism” during the nineteenth century as symbolized by the frisky, vivacious Scarlett O’Hara.

And Rhett Butler is the swashbuckling Southern gentleman who falls in love with a Southern belle whose heart is set on her best friend’s fiancée.

The movie was torrid in its display of the sexual tension between Rhett and Scarlett, and the passion between Vivian Leigh and Clark Gable was apparently limited to the movie as it was rumored that they failed to make friends.

Incidentally, Vivian was rumored to suffer from manic depression and Clark supposedly had bad breathe.

How To Steal A Million – This was my first Peter O Tool’s movie and the first words that came out of my mouth when I fell for his gorgeous eyes were …Oo La La…

The movie was humorous and the plot quite different from the usual boy meets girl romance. Instead it’s about paintings, museums and being locked in a closet with a gorgeous man.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s – When an Escort falls in love with a kept man, their love can only be doomed from the start, or does it epitomize the need to find the one true love even amongst those who use love as their primary tool of trade?

Audrey Hepburn weaves her usual magic through the movie. She seems to symbolize New York: self-absorbed, shallow, money-oriented and yet lonely behind all the glittering glamour and glitz.

As Good As It Gets – This happens to be my favorite movie. Jack Nicholson acts as romantic writer who suffers from OCD and falls for a waitress (Helen Hunt) and has a gay neighbor played by Greg Kinnear. The script is witty and we are kept on our toes as Jack Nicholson’s character shows his soft porcupine underbelly as the movie progresses at an even pace.

High Fidelity – this movie holds special meanings for those of us who grew up during the eighties and were scarred in the battles of love.

John Cusack talks about his series of relationships and his one true love- music. Sure, it also deals with the final lady in his life but it’s the songs that he records with such diligence that we are reminded of the vital role that music played in our young lives while we battled with the cruelties that love threw our way.

Finally, I would also like to mention a few overblown movies that I have deliberately left out:

Casablanca – I heard so much about this movie while I was growing up that I deliberately stayed away from it.

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers – After seeing the Hindi Version (Satte Pe Satta) I decided to stay away from this musical version. I have an aversion to musicals. Which brings me to-

The Sound Of Music – Granted the movie is picturesque, the kids adorable and the romance worthy of being written in a Mills and Boon, but the movie made me doze when I watched it again as an adult.

It seemed like a re-make of the Brady Bunch with a few Heil Hitler’s thrown in.

Shrek – I left Shrek out as they are stretching the story too far. Commercialism at its worst if you ask me.

When Harry Met Sally – I’ve come across too many couples who tell me that this movie reflected their romance. They met, didn’t like each other but then a few years later, bang, they have been a couple nipping each others’ heels at any given moment.

Cast Away – Though the movie is about Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) making it back to civilization, at the same time it’s a tragic love story about a love that was never meant to be. The movie reduced me to tears that couldn’t be stopped despite the large intake of chocolates and Chardonnay.

It was so sad that my evening was completely ruined.

Titanic – Do I even need to comment on this one? I couldn’t stand Celine Dion, Katey dear or Leo for the longest time after this movie. Visually rich but the storyline is a complete blah.

And I had been forced to sit through this movie three different times. The best way to get me to part with my secrets is to make me watch the rerun of Titanic.

There are so many movies , so many subjective lists and by no means does my list even begin to over the awesome movies Hollywood has ejected from its rotund belly.

Feel free to add your own movies or dissect my list.

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