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Movie Review X-Men: First Class is a Brilliant Success!

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Matthew Vaughn should be truly proud of himself. He managed to take a franchise that was at the end its road and turn it around. He gave us characters that are recognizable and cunning. He gave us a  Silver Age story woven around actual events. He gave us CGI that didn’t make us want to gouge our eyes out.

The film follows two intertwining stories. The first is about Eric Lehnsherr/Magneto’s (Fassbender) attempt to take his revenge on Sebastian Shaw (Bacon) and the Second story follows the CIA’s discovery that more may be at work in the Cold War then just the Russians.

The CGI is worlds better than any of the previous X-Men films. Azazel’s teleporting and sword play is outstanding to watch when they assault the CIA base. The sonic waves produced by Banshee are stellar and fun to watch.

I don’t even want to talk about it anymore; I feel every moment I spend giving you this information means I’m taking from you a surprise movie experience that I could not have ever expected this summer. In closing go see this flick; it makes up for all of the bad of  X-Men, X-Men 2, X3 (X-Men: The Last Stand) and X-Men Origins. Also keep an eye out for a particular cameo!

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  • Pro

    Hey, nice post. I found the movie awesome as well, but I feel that some one else should have played the character of Magneto. The actor seemed very different to the old dude who played the older age magneto. I mean the characteristics between the two actors were quiet different. That is natural I know, but still the makers could have made the younger magneto have the character traits of the older one. Other than that it was surely an awesome movie

  • Joey

    I always wondered about how did xavier and magneto became enemies although they also know that they are friends. This will be such a great movie!