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Movie Review: When Harry Met Sally

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Every girl has her go-to movie. For my roommates and me this movie is When Harry Met Sally. When one of us has a stressful day in library or in a silly fight with our boyfriend, our first attempt to numb our angst is to pop in this 1989 movie directed by Rob Reiner.

Starring chick-flick queen Meg Ryan and satire king Billy Crystal, When Harry Met Sally successfully blends the romance and comedy genres. Meg Ryan plays Sally an independent, high maintenance single woman. Billy Crystal plays Harry a wisecracking bachelor.

Their relationship starts when they meet as strangers to take a road trip to New York City. During the car ride Harry and Sally clash heads over many topics but one particular opinion of Harry’s truly upsets Sally. Harry believes that “men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way.”

Friendships between men and women can be confusing simply because it is hard to tell when the line between friendship and relationship is crossed. This issue struck home with much of When Harry Met Sally’s audience and is the key factor as to why this movie remains so popular.

Harry and Sally run into each other a few times after their short road trip, once on an airplane and later in a bookstore in the city. On their second encounter Harry has just gotten a divorce and Sally has just broken up with her long-term boyfriend. They bond over the over the recent losses of their romantic partners and become close friends. The duo relies on each other to buffer situations between coupled off friends and remain available for each other.

One of the most effective scenes of the movie takes place during a New Year’s Eve party. Harry and Sally go to the party together and both actors do a great job showing the real emotion that the characters feel for one another.

Another scene that When Harry Met Sally is notoriously for is Meg Ryan’s fake orgasm scene. While at a diner Sally tries to convince Harry that chances are that a women has most likely faked and orgasm while in bed with him. Ryan moans and screams in the middle of the restaurant to make her point. Sally’s actions in this part of the movie give away a lot about her independent slightly feminist character.

One night Sally calls Harry for sympathy when she hears new that her ex is getting married. Harry rushes to be there for Sally. Sally breaks down into Harry’s arms and the couple end up having sex. Both are confused over their feelings for the other back off of the relationship. At this point in the movie, Sally begins to let down her guard and reveal her more vulnerable side.

When Harry Met Sally is great entertainment for what it is. Though this movie is a stereotypical chick flick, it gives an accurate portrayal of a real relationship and the differences in emotions between men and women. Tied off with a happy ending, When Harry Met Sally is a refreshing way to brighten any awful day.

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