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Movie Review: What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery

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What happens when the Universe speaks, but no one listens? Do we even understand the language of the Universe? It has been said by the mystics that the language of the mysteries are found in symbols and not words. These symbols speak to the human spirit and convey concepts, feeling, emotions, and experiences which transcend words. While familiar in the East, the West has long had a problem with the interpretation of symbols. We have a difficult time with the concept of ideas that bypass our rational thought process. The irony is that it appears that the Universe seems to have chosen the West to deliver its message. Perhaps, it is we who need it the most.

What on Earth?A documentary film producer, Suzanne Taylor, of Mighty Companions, Inc., which produces projects and events related to the transformation of consciousness and our worldview, has brought you an international community of scientists, philosophers, geometers, educators, artists, and farmers, gathered in England, who are crop circle experts and enthusiasts.

These insiders, who are privy to every aspect of this misunderstood phenomenon, were filmed over six summers in Europe. This resulted in provocative material that questions the fundamental assumptions we make about who we are and what we are doing here, all captured in Taylor’s new documentary, What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery. The superstars of the film are the extraordinarily beautiful and geometrically complex crop formations that have been appearing all over the world for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years.

The images of the circles in this documentary are awe-inspiring. It is clear that the images that have been, and that continue to be, produced are beyond the capacity of human production. While some did come forth claiming to be the perpetrators of the circles and labeled them a hoax, the film will certainly convince all but the unthinking that their creation was ‘other worldly.’ While not giving a definitive answer as to their meaning, there is a growing consensus that the circles come to both warn and inspire.

The film tracks Taylor’s interactions with the British “croppies” as they go circle-chasing, indulge in thought-provoking analysis, and share their life-changing fascination with the circles. Evidence is presented that defies the idea that the circles all are made by earthlings, and the possible motives of the hoaxers is debated. Some astounding revelations emanate from the mathematical information encoded in the crop formations. Something that thinks has placed these formations in the landscape, where many of them are in careful alignment with ancient sacred sites. No technological methods can account for what does this or how they were created — not to mention analyses of plants and soil from the circles show biological and chemical changes that cannot be explained.

Taylor was executive producer of the award-winning feature documentary Crop Circles: Quest for Truth, which, in 2003, won the same EBE Award from the UFO Congress. Her longstanding blog, Making Sense of These Times, deals with the consciousness in which we have created our problematic world and how a shift in our worldview can address the global challenges we now face.

Title: What on Earth?  Inside the Crop Circle Mystery
Producer/Director: Suzanne Taylor
Production Company: Mighty Companions, Inc.
Format: DVD: Running Time: 81 minutes
Official website

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