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Movie Review: WALL-E – Pixar’s Masterpiece?

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Children and adults alike love Pixar films because they break through the generic boundaries and give us vastly spectacular tales. Take a look at Toy Story, Monster’s Inc. or even A Bug’s Life. Each and every one of them invite us into a finely crafted world that dazzles us with wonderment, and that has not changed with WALL-E.

In the distant future a cleaning robot (WALL-E) ends up going on a journey that ultimately decides the fate of the human race. This is the definitive Pixar film in my eyes; its animation style is vastly superior to the others and it becomes so much more than just CGI animation — it transcends it, if you will, because it looks totally realistic. Throw in a fantastic story that has a chilling after-effect and you have WALL-E, which I am bold enough to say is Pixar’s masterpiece but I don’t say this lightly. I will always treasure the others and am in no way undermining their greatness.

You have to admire the use of different styles used here. First we have the use of silent cinema, then we have a romance, we have science fiction, we have fantasy, we have adventure, and we even have Hello, Dolly. It’s a rare triumph to see a film tick all of these boxes and it’s even more of a rare triumph when all of the styles combined work like they do here.

You have to be a pretty cruel person to say bad things about this film especially considering the amount of effort that went into it. It’s not like it is one of those generic animated films that you see released every other week, the ones that only children can sit through comfortably. Every detail has been given equal time and effort; nothing has been left to chance.

Of course it has a message; doesn’t every film? Look after our world. It’s so simple yet so meaningful and complex but yet it doesn’t come off as preachy; it comes across as a caring message. And it’s one of those messages that does have a realistic basis in the world we live in and that gives the film an extra layer of fear that doesn’t really exist in the other Pixar films.

The titular character is an adorable creation and you have to be pretty cold-hearted to not think this. I felt more emotion for this one little robot than any character in a film in the last few years. It’s a masterful success when a robot that only emits a few words and lacks the power of facial expressions can show so much emotion. WALL-E’s personality is at the core of this story and that is what shines through the most.

Ambition and imagination pay off once again. WALL-E is nothing short of breathtaking and is more terrifying than 99% of the horror films released in the last five years.

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