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Movie Review: United 93

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I went to see United 93 today. It was very well done. They captured the essence of the day perfectly. The stunned silence as the FAA and Military were watching on monitors and TV screens reflected the way multitudes of Americans reacted that day.

I remember where I was. I heard the news on the radio of the first plane right before I dropped my oldest child off for school. I told them to tell the teacher that a plane had just crashed into the World Trade Center. The teacher could get more news later.

I went back by the house before going to work to tell my wife. I walked in and she told me she watched another plane fly into the other World Trade Center tower. I didn’t believe her at first. I thought it was a replay of what I heard on the news. It was not.

I will never forget that day. At work, nobody was working. Everyone was either on the internet or watching a small TV that had been setup. We actually had a time of prayer for anyone that wanted to pray that day.

We all watched in disbelief and horror as the towers crumbled. Several people were frantically trying to contact friends in New York and a contract writer that worked with our company. Everyone we knew there was safe, although the writer was not able to contact anyone for a couple of days.

You could feel the tension and emotion of the passengers as the slowly found out the news of the other planes fate. The movie played down the “Let’s Roll” drama, but still captured the heroic and selfless act of the many passengers who came together that day to take a stand against the evil that had penetrated our country.

The terrorist had chosen the most opportune time to attack us. We were lethargic and totally unprepared for the events that took place that day. The film portrayed this very well.

When the film was over, the audience sat in complete silence for several minutes before starting to leave the theater. One person did leave about half way through the showing, but the remainder were silent throughout except for one line. If you don’t want to know what that is quit reading now. That line was “Screw the FAA. Get those planes over New York.”

This movie was like reliving Sept 11th, 2001 all over again. This movie will be too soon for many and not soon enough for others. Listen to interviews with family members of United Flight 93 who don’t think this was too soon.

If you don’t want to relive September 11th, don’t go see this movie. If you want to see what ordinary heroes look like, or want an in depth look at what may have happened on United 93, then please go see this film. You will be filled with emotions as you watch it. It will fill you with sorrow, anger and pride, mixed together in a film that every American should buy and replay when you yourself, your children and grandchildren grow complacent in the normalcy of safety in your everyday life. This story needs to be remembered and retold for many years to come — the story of how ordinary people may one day be called upon to act selflessly for others.

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  • I agree that the meticulous set-up, from the airport to the air-traffic control tower scenes, was the best part of this important movie .. I found parts of the final act, knowing well how it would all end, almost unwatchable, but I’m still glad I got up the nerve to see it