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Movie Review: TRON: Legacy

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At first glance, I was the first to dismiss Tron: Legacy as a Sci-Fi fanatic’s wet dream. However, the movie lover in me called for a closer look at the genius lying stealthily behind the films meaty exterior.

One must consider that fans have been waiting since 1982 for the sequel to TRON. I have tried to imagine what waiting for 25 years must have felt like to finally see the preview of TRON: Legacy must have felt like. Euphoria maybe? That maybe the understatement of the century but I am sure it was something close to that.

Tron: Legacy

To get a feel of what the film is like, Director Joseph Kosinski takes your mind to a futuristic society where almost anything is possible. Life consists of a series of games that are life or death. Survival of the fittest is the way of life. The higher you advance, the more skilled your opponents become.

Your ultimate goal is to face Clu, the most feared and best contestant to play the game. But what if the games were just a facade? What if underneath the surface of the games was a conspiracy of epic proportions? Jeff Bridges (K-PAX, True Grit, and Iron Man) lends his talent to the film starring as the creator of the grid (Kevin Flynn) and mastermind of the plot to take the grid to the next level of playing (Clu).

Now imagine that this word is completely automated. That‘s right the whole world is just a computer simulation that has been expanding and becoming more complex as the years have gone on. It is so complex that the creator has been trapped inside the grid for the past 20 years!

A mysterious beeper page leads Garrett Hedlund (Death Sentence, Four Brothers, and Troy) plays Sam Flynn, Kevin’s nonchalant son who is drawn into the grid when discovering his father’s work. Sucked into the grid, Sam must survive at all costs. Guided and somewhat protected by Quorra (Olivia Wilde: The Next Three Days, Alpha Dog, and Year One), Sam is finally reunited with this father to discover the horror behind the grid.

Cinematography Director Claudio Miranda (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Failure to Launch and A Thousand Roads) uses futuristic hues and bright lights give the viewers eyes plenty to feast on while watching TRON: Legacy. A mild yet aggressive soundtrack by Daft Punk keeps the ears at attention.

As Sam, Kevin and Quorra dive deeper into the grid to match wits with Clu. As the final stage is set, the question arises and is answered: Do Sam & Kevin have what it takes to conquer the grid?

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