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Movie Review: Treasure Island Kids – The Pirates of Treasure Island and Treasure Island Kids 2 – The Monster of Treasure Island

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Treasure Island Kids: The Pirates of Treasure Island is the first movie in the Treasure Island Kids trilogy. Treasure Island Kids takes place an island of the same name where bloodthirsty pirates and an inventor are both trying to find a treasure.

Conrad Dawson (John Callan) is an inventor who is obsessed with finding the buried treasure he believes has been hidden on the island for many years. He and his very absentminded wife Wendy used the last of their money to purchase Treasure Island. In order to finance this treasure hunt, his niece Ellie (Beth Allen) initiated a summer camp program on the island.

The unwilling children who head to the island for summer camp have been sent there for various reasons. There are several stereotypical kids – a spoiled rich girl, a juvenile delinquent, a Pollyanna – and all are unimpressed with Conrad's various inventions. My son and I, however, thought the inventions were the coolest part of the movie. Within one day, however, the campers become wrapped up in the treasure hunt and in preserving their island getaway from the bloodthirsty pirates.

Randy Quaid stars as the evil Captain Flint who is determined that the treasure shall be his. He and his band of authentically attired pirates storm the island and take the Dawsons hostage, leaving it up to the campers to save the day.

Each cast member is an exaggeration of his or her assigned persona. Captain Flint talks and dresses like a pirate of yore, complete with "Arrrgh, Matey!" The blatant and intentional overacting makes this movie a fun family adventure.

The sequel, Treasure Island Kids 2: The Monster of Treasure Island was released April 29, 2008. The beginning is cacophonous with the campers staging a medieval (and loud) play. The main campers from the first movie are still there. One additional cast member is a loner named Chang. All he wants to do is to stand by the ocean and play his violin.

The boys are competing with the girls to see who can make the best action-adventure film. When the girls perceive that the boys are sabotaging their film, a war between the genders begins.

After a series of pranks, including garlic on toothbrushes and itching powder in clothes, the campers all become unified in running from an enormous sea monster. All the children and the adults are terrified. All except for Chang, whose music seems to be calling the monster.

Once again, the campers are fearless in their quest. Initially that goal was to vanquish the monster. When they realize their error, they turn an equal amount of passion and cleverness to defeat Professor Kozinski (Grant Bridger) from the Institute of Zoology.

As in Treasure Island Kids: The Pirates of Treasure Island, The Monster of Treasure Island is an exaggerated comedy adventure that is fun for the whole family.

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