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Movie Review: Tooth Fairy

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When you think of the tooth fairy you think of a sweet, tutu-wearing, feminine, fluttering fairy, right? Not in 20th Century Fox’s movie,Tooth Fairy. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars as a tall, muscular, anything-but-feminine hockey player named Derek Thompson with an all-star cast backing him up: Julie Andrews makes a great Head Fairy, Ashley Judd is Carly, Thompson’s girlfriend and mother of two, and you can’t forget Billy Crystal as Jerry, a crazy, gadget fairy character.

Derek Thompson, a minor league hockey player, is ironically nicknamed “Tooth Fairy” for knocking his opponents’ teeth out. Thompson, frustrated with his inability to play in the major leagues takes his frustrations home with him, becoming quite the dream crusher.

Throughout the movie Thompson takes shots at the littlest of targets, first a grade-school hockey fan, where he goes on to talk about Zambonis, dying, and lowering expectations. He also bursts the dreams of Carly’s daughter by telling her there is no tooth fairy, and so Thompson’s journey to fairyhood begins as he’s sentenced to a week-long sentence as the real life Tooth Fairy.

I felt like there were so many points of conflict in Tooth Fairy involving Thompson — between the new kid on the hockey team, Carly and her children, Tracy the fairy case-worker, Head Fairy, and other lesser characters along the way.

I’m not quite sure they needed to add so much conflict to get their point across that Derek Thompson is a jaded person who doesn’t believe in dreams. After all, he made his girlfriend’s children cry on several occasions and she still went back to him; I’m not sure how true-to-life that would be.  I get the point… he’s not a nice person.

Aside from beating the point to death that Thompson’s character needs a breakthrough, this is a wholesome family movie with no cursing, no nudity, and is rightly rated PG. I would recommend this to families with children who do not still believe in the tooth fairy anymore though, unless you want The Rock telling your kids that the tooth fairy doesn’t exist.

My favorite parts in the movie are the snippets of comedy sprinkled throughout. If you’ve ever watched a Dwayne Johnson movie you know he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Aside from Thompson’s hilarious fairy assignment antics, Tracy the case-worker fairy brings some dorky humor and Jerry, the gadget fairy is cheesy but bound to get some laughs from the kids at least with bathroom, pet, and crazy humor. I also enjoyed the ending, which I won’t give away, but love that it’s a happy ending that will make the whole family warm.

I would recommend this as a family-friendly movie. Even though there are a lot of magic and mystical things going on inside Tooth Fairy, this movie has a great message. Sometimes you just have to believe that if you can dream it, you can do it.

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