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Movie Review: The Watchers

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The debut film from the New Jersey based production company Two Man Crew Productions, is the extremely well made and highly-entertaining suspense/thriller The Watchers, which just enjoyed a successful screening at last weeks’ Big Apple Film Festival.

The 28-minute short is the brainchild of Jeff Moffitt (who stars in the film) and Sy Cody White (who directed), who put the film together in seven days, at a cost of only $350. It was filmed this past spring and summer in and around New York and New Jersey.   

The script, penned by both Moffitt and White tells a Hitchcock-style tale of an ordinary man, accountant John Porter (Moffitt) , a man of organization, precision and order, who is in turmoil over the loss of his marriage to his wife Marcy. Not one to give in to defeat easily it seems, John leaves message after message for Marcy, in the hopes of keeping the spark of reconciliation with her alive, but also to check in on his young daughter Sarah. To his consternation, all of his calls to Marcy go answered.

John tries to concentrate on work, but he cannot and ignores the advice and counsel of friends like well meaning office mate Phil (Darrin Biss). He tries to keep his home neat and tidy, ready for Marcy and Sarah’s return, but the chances of that happening are highly unlikely.

Things begin to get a whole lot worse for John when he discovers that he is being followed by some very mysterious individuals. These strangers simply stare and then appear everywhere in John’s life all of the sudden, with no explanation as to who they are, what they want and what they plan to do.

Dr. Orwell (Timothy J. Cox), John’s shrink, listens with doubt to John’s tale, thinking that stress, perhaps over the loss of his marriage, is causing him to have delusions and fantasies.    

Twists and turns abound as John tries to uncover the truth, but there’s more to this story than meets the eye, so be sure to pay close attention to the details, as The Watchers provides its fair share of surprises. 

I was thoroughly entertained by The Watchers from start to finish; a real popcorn film, filled with lots of suspense, thrills and intrigue. It is also an extremely well made film, thanks to some stunning visuals from director Sy Cody White, an impressive young filmmaker worth keeping an eye on.

White and Moffitt’s script smartly keeps the focus on the action, with the pace moving swiftly, never slowing down for a moment, thanks mostly to Moffitt’s energetic performance as Porter. Moffitt carries the film on his shoulders all the way and with his tall frame and chiseled good looks, this actor called to mind the likes of Gary Cooper and Joel McCrea.

From the supporting cast, veteran scene stealer Timothy J. Cox shines as the disbelieving Dr. Orwell, with other stand outs from the cast being Kathleen Boddington, Rich Saab and Peter Francis Span as a few of the mysterious characters who become a part of John’s life.  

Here’s hoping for more exciting work from director White and Two Man Crew Productions.

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  • Sammy

    I support this film.it will largely encourage those people who have great promise to keep trying!

  • Blake French

    Really enjoyed this movie. It is not in the least bit predictable, as so many thrillers seem to be. Fast paced & lots of action. Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. Many threads are woven throughout and they tie up towards the end of the movie so that most of our questions are answered.

    Casting is great. Spader, our hero, is far from perfect & his obsession with catching ‘his’ man has had a disasterous affect on his life. He is a complex character who is introducted to us in stages- as the story unravels so does his life.

    Reeves surprises in his portrayal of a psycho serial killer. He plays this guy with an eerie realism that see him really well cast here. We hear so many poor reviews of this guy’s acting but I can’t figure it. He is really believable in this role and shows once again that he can take any character and ‘become’ him; whether it is Neo in the Matrix or the lovable Ted from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

    We enter the world of the serial killer & get to see his version of our reality. We follow the agent in a chase against time to stop the madness.

    This movie is not run of mill. It is different & provocative. I highly recommend it.