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Movie Review: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

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If anyone thought the global fascination (make that obsession) with the Twilight book-turned-blockbuster film series had waned among its Jamaican teen and young adult loyalists, think again. The sight of Taylor Lautner’s excellent pecs and muscular arms alone still elicits deafening rounds of female screams each time they grace the screen. Not so much for Robert Pattinson’s endlessly pallid visage and frequently dowdy demeanour, and Kristen Stewart is still, well, very Bella.

The most noticeable difference about the latest Twilight installment, however, is how appealing the plot points, action, and performances are this time around. Talk about improvement. Twilight (2008) and last year’s New Moon were frustratingly inconsistent productions. Though not quite a stunning success, Eclipse (Summit Entertainment) is the absolutely most thrilling in the series yet. Director David Slade (Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night) and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg have successfully injected fresh energy, intrigue, and exhilaration into Stephenie Meyer’s beloved vampire-werewolf saga, making for an almost thoroughly entertaining, satisfying film.

Picking up where New Moon left off, the Jacob/Bella/Edward love triangle forms the crux of the story. Werewolf Jacob and bloodsucker Edward are still sworn rivals over mortal Bella’s heart, but when the vengeance-obsessed Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) and a newly formed army of famished, vicious vampires pose a threat to Bella’s safety, the boys must cast their grouse aside (if momentarily) to help protect her. What’s more, who will Bella ultimately choose? The handsome, hunky werewolf or the moody, brooding vampire? The intriguing sequence of events heads to a showdown just shy of a spectacle that wondrously brings the production to an emotionally involving crest.

Evenly paced and sufficiently absorbing – with noteworthy leads and a strong supporting cast – Eclipse is worth the trip to the cinema, even if your enjoyment of the movie is sporadically interrupted by deafening screams from wide-eyed teen girls (and grown women!) infatuated with Taylor Lautner’s abs. Nearly a week later my eardrums are just recovering.


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  • Kate

    I completely agree with LaRae and Niki. I was sooo disappointed in the Eclipse movie, especially since Eclipse is one of my favorite books in the series (Breaking Dawn is the other). It seems that Summit is so concerned making this an action movie that they forgot that this is first and foremost a ROMANCE! I was right to get worried when they started to pick directors that specialize in action and horror movies. BRING BACK CATHERINE HARDWICKE!! She knows what Twilight is all about. These new directors are killing The chemistry between Edward and Bella, and the poignancy of Jacob’s angst that he mixes with humor (“Sure sure”). If you girls need a fix of re-living the books, I recommend the audio books — especially in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, when they give voice to Jacob.

  • Niki

    Wow, I am so glad to read LaRae and Tarika’s post. I adore all of the actors in Eclipse and I think they did a great job in bringing The Short Life of Bree Tanner to the screen with a sprinkling of Eclipse. The devotional love between Edward and Bella was MIA. If it is abs that people want to see, they should lef Kelan Lutz bare his….they are lovely (not that Jacobs are not perfection) Most people would not go to the movie to see abs, we are going to get a visual on the world that was created in our minds from the literature. I hope that Summit remembers that Twilight started this and none of us are complaining about Catherine Hardwicks adaptation it only got us ready for more. Summit — show us the love.

  • Reva singh

    Its better to see Bella and Edward name togerther than that of Jacob. Nice if they were togerther in real life.

  • Jennifer

    I need to make this point who has written the above review tarika is right its Edward and Bellas love story and not Jacob and Bellas. So pls always right Edward/Bella and Jacob. Jacobs name does not stand first.

  • Tarika

    Well i think the magic of Twilight is still not coming I think they are putting too much emphasis on jacob and his Abs. Well its finally Bella and edwards love story their is no choice. They should concentrate more on edward and bella in breaking dawn and show Jacob to the minimum like in Twilight thats when the magic will come back.
    In Eclipse Bella running away with Jacob right in front of Edward and she yelling away at edward was way too wrong to show she loves Edward a lot to just leave him or shout at him and go. Well even her speech in the end sucks saying its not all about edward Well in the books Bella always indicated everything in here world was about Edward.

  • LaRae

    I just came back from this movie and YES I’m a die-hard Twilight fan! But I was disappointed – yes they finally got the technical/editing/special effects/makeup stuff down this time around; but they seriously forgot about the ROMANCE that is at the heart of the books! While there were a couple of “close” moments between characters, not one time did I ever feel any love-angst among any of the characters – even Bella & Edward, their scenes seemed very cut & dry, even when they were supposed to be romantic! I would have expected my toes to curl during the proposal scene – and they almost did! I saw no award-winning kiss, even! I think they put a little too much effort into getting the guys into the movie by making the action more & faster – admittedly, it was cool and you know you gotta go see it! But don’t expect either Edward or Jacob to curl your toes! I hope they get the romance back with Breaking Dawn!

  • Zoeee

    Great movie. Yeah – best yet, definitely, characters that you didn’t know too well before kind of got more defined.