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Movie Review: The Town

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Heartthrob Ben Affleck is Hollywood’s next triple threat actor with his new movie The Town. Affleck wrote, directed and starred in the silver screen’s newest action in the heart of the east coast Boston.

The Town is set in the Boston neighborhood of Charlestown, the nation’s bank robbing capital. Charlestown breeds bank robbers, developed through lifelong friendships and family ties. For Doug MacRay, played by Ben Affleck, crime is just a way of making a living. Bank robbing in MacRay’s family landed his father, played by Chris Cooper, in jail.

MacRay runs with a crew of other criminals including his “brother” James Coughlin, played by actor Jeremy Renner. Renner does a spot-on interpretation of the volatile character Coughlin. While robbing a local bank in Boston, Coughlin violently reacts to the pressure of their situation and takes bank manager, Claire, as a hostage. MacRay takes time to comfort Claire while they have her with them in their escape and lets her go after they are in a safe area.

The plot of the film develops when the bank robbers discover that Claire only lives a few miles from them. To make sure that Claire is safe and has no information on him or his friends, MacRay follows Claire and gets to know her as a person. Eventually the couple’s relationship develops into love.

The Town is a class suspense film about bank robbers, the FBI who want to catch them, and those whom they love. Not only is this movie a great action film, but also an interesting and complicated love story. The dual plots of The Town are developed and woven together intricately. The relationships within the film become more complicated as the film progresses and stress is at an all time high for MacRay.

Affleck tricks the audience into sympathizing for MacRay and the other bank robbers in The Town. The bank robbers in this film seem to simply not know any better than to do the wrong that they participate in. There is an apparent difference between good bad guys and bad guys in the film.

Constantly trying to find a way out of Charleston and start anew with Claire, MacRay is persistently roped into playing a role in robberies in new robberies. He constantly battles against himself and his family ties to become a better person.

As with similar films like The Departed and Boondock Saints, The Town tells a gripping story of criminals that you can’t help but love and root for in the end.

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