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Movie Review: The Ten Commandments

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I just finished watching the newly released animated movie, The Ten Commandments, and I was thoroughly impressed. The movie has great animation and caught the attention of my five-year-old right away. There were a few parts that she had questions about such as when the firstborn sons were killed during the plagues. This, however, didn’t take away from the movie. It actually enhanced the experience and opened up dialogue about what it means to follow God and what can happen when we don’t.

The Ten Commandments follows the Biblical story closely. I was curious as to how they would handle things like the golden calf made by Aaron, especially since he is the one who originally goes to speak to Pharaoh with Moses. They included the scene and it was very evident how much suffering it caused.

The makers of The Ten Commandments did a great job with the character of Moses. He was shown as a humble servant of God and yet with enough strength to lead the Israelites. And it was plain that the Israelites didn’t make things easy on high. They grumbled throughout the trip – first about Pharaoh’s army following them, then about the lack of food and water, then about the lack of meat, and on and on. Every time God showed His love for them, providing for them in a miraculous way, they found something new to gripe about. It was easy to think of them as whiny, sniveling people until I realized how much like that I am. Despite all that God has done for me, I still have times of doubt and do more than my fair share of whining. Ouch! What a painful reminder.

Elliot Gould has the perfect voice for the voice of God and Christian Slater did a terrific job as Moses. I will admit that it was a bit odd hearing Slater’s voice as the main character in this film and at first I had brief flashbacks of movies he was in back during my teen years. That faded quickly, however, as the power of the story and the amazing things that God does for His people emerged.

Overall, the film is fantastic and I would encourage parents to see it with their children. In a time when more people can name the ingredients of a Big Mac than can name the Ten Commandments, I think it’s important that we support films like this one.

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