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Movie Review: The Simpsons Movie

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It’s taken Simpsons creator Matt Groening almost eighteen years to bring his beloved dysfunctional family to the big screen, after the series first aired back in 1989. Luckily though, The Simpsons hasn’t outstayed its welcome, remaining a consistently funny show.

The story finds the town of Springfield encased in a huge dome by the Environmental Protection Agency after Homer Simpson pollutes the town’s lake and natural water supply. The Simpson family manage to escape the dome and are declared fugitives.

The genius writers behind this classic show have pulled off easily one of the coups of the summer; all things considered, The Simpsons Movie is as good as it possibly could have been. Okay, there is no denying that if the film came to cinemas ten years ago it more than likely would have been the funniest film ever; so funniest film of the year will just have to do.

The film kicks off with a fantastic gag about environmental issues that includes the band Green Day and a spoof of the movie Titanic. And from there the gags come thick and fast, with the first half of the picture recording at least one gag per minute. Naturally that rate does let up a little in the second half; once the story leaves Springfield you do find yourself missing the other brilliant characters.

So my only real niggle about the film would be the fact that some of the characters (there are so many great ones) don’t get as much screen time as they deserve. For once I really would have liked a film to last longer than it did.

The Simpsons has always been a brilliant satire so it's no surprise the writers chose to lampoon the current state of emergency the world finds itself in regarding the environment. It may not be a great story but as I said before, after eighteen years, it’s not bad at all really.

There are so many hilarious jokes here that I could talk all day about them but I wont. I suggest you go check out the film yourself to laugh along with them. But don’t forget you are paying to see something you can easily watch for free on TV, as Homer himself points out in the riotous opening credits.

If you have never seen an episode of The Simpsons (where the hell have you been for the past eighteen years if you haven’t, by the way) then The Simpsons Movie is actually a great place to start; it is after all basically a feature length episode.

The Simpsons have finally made it to the big screen and in the end I am glad to be able to say it has been worth the wait. The Simpsons legacy is now firmly sealed.

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  • You know, I liked The Simpsons Movie really much. But do you agree with me if I say that The Simpsons Movie is like regular episode from any season of The Simpsons but longer?