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Movie Review: The Perfect Man

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When I go to the movies with friends and family, I always make it a point to get there early to not miss the previews. I love watching previews, sometimes more than the movies. I always decide what movies I do want to see, but I usually don't get around to watching them. The Perfect Man was one of those movies. I found it playing on HBO one day and TiVo-ed it. Overall, it was funny and interesting. I don't know why some people gave it bad reviews or didn't like it. Here's my view.

The movie stars Hilary Duff as Holly. Holly and her sister, Zoey, are raised by their single mother, Jean (Heather Locklear). Jean is very impatient about looking for love. If she doesn't meet anybody in literally two weeks, she goes out with the first living, breathing male to walk by. But every time the relationship doesn't work out, (and it never does because she goes out with morons like Lenny, played by Yes Dear's Mike O'Malley) she tells her two children they are moving again.

Tired of moving, Holly creates the perfect plan: to create a secret admirer for her mom who's perfect for her. Her mom would be happy and she would get to stay. The admirer sends her orchids, poems, and emails. She uses her friend's uncle (Chris North) for advice. Holly realizes that Uncle Ben actually ends up being the perfect guy, but he's getting married to someone else.

I thought the acting was great. I have always liked Hilary Duff, she seems very down to earth (compared to Linsday Lohan or Paris Hilton, who are seen partying into the wee hours of the night). I watched Lizzie McGuire. I watched A Cinderella Story and Raise Your Voice. She performed well and her acting is great. For those people who are always complaining, let's see you cry on cue.

I thought Heather Locklear did a good job being a single parent and trying to balance everything. Ben Feldman, who plays Adam, Hilary's love interest in the movie, did a good job playing the boy-next-door-who-is-hopelessly-in-love-with-the-girl-but-the-girl-is-avoiding-love character.

When the story begins, Holly and her mother aren't the "best of friends." Holly is angry that every time her mom gets dumped she runs away to a new city. Like any teenager, Holly wants her mom to be happy and succeeds at first with the secret admirer. It is cool Holly cares so much about her mom.

Her mother also tries to help Holly. She, being a mom, figured out that Adam liked Holly and Holly was avoiding him and not letting him in. Ms. Hamilton convinced Holly to open up. Although, Holly (like most teenaged girls) responded with, "I HATE YOU! GET OUT OF MY LIFE!" She realized her mom was right in the long run. And the two ended up bonding.

I'm not saying you should create a secret admirer for your mom. And I'm, for sure, not saying you should butt into your kids' relationships. I'm saying that, over time, Holly and her mom bonded and that's important. I know if my mom and I weren't as close, my life wouldn't be as awesome.

I like that the movie reintroduces the concept of closeness between mothers and daughters. It's important, even in the 21st century. More girls my age should make an effort to be close with their moms. Trust me, life is easier. (Don't tell me, "You don't understand, my mom is horrible because…" ) Deep down, you know it is an awesome feeling when you and your mom can talk. Trust me, I have it.

This, however, goes both ways. Mothers should also make an effort to get along with their daughters. They will tell you things; therefore, you know more about their lives, and you know they aren't running off taking drugs and getting pregnant.

So, I've told you some about the romantic part. Now, for the comedy. I think the funniest thing was Lance, Uncle Ben's gay bartender, played by Carson Kressley of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. For example, some straight guys asked him if he was a Jets (football) Fan, he responded by saying he loves West Side Story. Later, he goes to a Jets game with the guys. While the rest of them are drinking beer, he's drinking red wine in a wine glass. When a touchdown is scored, he bets they are going to the World Series. While I found it funny, others found it offensive. Remember, it was said by a gay guy and he had no problem, so, it wasn't meant as offensive

It's cute. It's full of nice things to watch in a "happy mood." Like most romantic comedies, it has a happy ending. No bunnies were killed in it. It may not be the best movie to make your guy friends or boyfriends watch. Because of the slight "cheese factor," most guys, being the immature species they are, will make fun of the whole movie, ruining it for you.

I think it would be a good mother-daughter movie because many movies these days are lacking the concept of healthy, mother-daughter relationships. My friends and friends' moms are always jealous of what my mom and I have. So, go to down to Blockbuster and pick up a copy of The Perfect Man. Send the dad and the brothers away for the night (tell them to go see a baseball game or, better yet, a Jets game!), and sit down, curl up, have a few laughs, and unwind after a long week.

Oh, and I think I figured out why it got bad reviews. Most of the reviews were by guys who just don't get it and never will. Next time, let's remind the guys it's called a "Chick Flick" for a reason.

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  • Nice review, Maddy! I’ve just added this movie to my “must rent” list.

    I’m like you – one of my favorite things about going to the movies is the previews.

  • Maddy, this is such a sweet review and I think you nailed the intent of the movie. I love the relationship you and your mom have, especially after seeing you two together. (I won’t even comment on the purse game. Heh!)

    This is the one Hilary Duff movie I really like. Not because it’s great cinema, but because of the relationship the characters have and because Duff seemed uite natural in the role.

  • Thanks guys!