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Movie Review: The OH In Ohio

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A man's heart may be through his stomach but in all likelihood it would kill his libido. A recent article in Forbes discusses the effect food has on sexual appetite, the means of improving one's sex life vis-a-vis a good balanced diet, exercising, trying out new sex products on the market (though studies have shown them to have mere placebo effect in general) and in case of grave sexual dysfunction, going to a therapist. Which obviously means, really speaking, that sex begins in the mind.

Which brings me to a romantic movie, The OH in Ohio, which isn't a chick flick and deserves to be watched by all sexually active adults. The central theme of the movie centers around frigidity, which holds the heroine back not only in bed but in her day-to-day living as well.

The movie is fast-paced and amusing. Set in Cleveland amidst a couple actively pursuing the American Dream, it provides a glimpse of middle-class life with all its joys and viscissitudes. Priscilla is at the top of her career and has an outwardly successful life and happy marriage, having been married for ten years. She suffers from a sexual dysfunction, however, namely, the inability to achieve orgasm.

After visiting a therapist with her disgruntled husband, Priscilla discovers the joys of a vibrator alone and inevitably loses her husband to a younger woman. Despite being able to achieve multiple orgasms using the vibrator she realizes the need for a living partner and her hunt leads her to the swimming pool constructor (Danny De Vito) who makes up for his physical shortcomings with a quirky yet mature and appealing personality.

There are numerous layers to the movie which hold true to life. For example, if the plumbing down below is in a good enough condition then the clogging inevitably is at the source – the mind, a generally accepted fact. Even today, for many women sex continues to be a dirty word, a duty to be fulfilled grudgingly or awkwardly. When it comes to feelings of sexual inadequacy, the problem is common to men and women alike.

A sex survey conducted by Outlook Magazine in India reached the following conclusion: "Virginity, commitment-phobia, pornography and reluctance towards oral sex still dominate women's sexual confessions about men. But what's undeniably changing is the belief of both sexes in the equality of the new, emerging equations."

Exploring one's sexuality is still considered taboo in most societies. In her exploration Priscilla tries lesbianism but comes to the conclusion that despite bedding numerous people the spark continued to elude her as she was unable give in to the moment and let herself go when the little death took hold of her.

Therein lies the central theme of the movie – we are at our most vulnerable at that last orgasmic moment. Stripped of the civilized veneer we become one with the universe, when the question 'was it as good for you as it was for me?' no longer sound corny. Most importantly, we are at that time on the same mental level with our partners as was Priscilla with Wayne the pool guy when she experienced her first orgasm.

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