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Movie Review: The Blind Side

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The Blind Side is based on the true story of NFL rookie Michael Oher, who now plays for the Baltimore Ravens. When he was younger, Oher was poor and living in a laundromat. Through a series of adverse events, Oher meets a wealthy family who decides to take him in and develop the football talents that have made him an NFL superstar today.

Sandra Bullock plays Southern mom Leigh Anne Tuohy, and this is one of the best performances of the year. Usually when you think of a Sandra Bullock, you picture her staring in very typical romantic comedies and overly dramatic feature films.

However, Bullock was surprising and performed very well. It did not look like her performance was forced; it looked very natural.
Bullock was the person that made this movie a must-see and she deserved the Oscar for her performance.

Up-and-coming actor Quinton Aaron played Michael Oher. This was Aaron’s first big movie, and he did a wonderful job of playing the up-and-coming football player. I think this is the beginning of a great acting career for Aaron. 

Country singer Tim McGraw was surprisingly good as Leigh Anne Tuohy’s husband Sean. Even though Bullock was more important to the movie, McGraw held his own as the supportive husband and father.

The movie well written, funny while still packing an emotional punch. The Blind Side will make you cry and laugh, and it is a perfect family movie. It is a rags to riches story to which anybody can related.

Sometimes when Hollywood makes movies based on true stories, the true emotions are overshadowed by and extra layer of Hollywood glitz and glamour. The Blind Side, however, opted to stick to the real story as much as possible.

John Lee Hancock directed and co-wrote the movie with Michael Lewis, doing a wonderful job sticking to the essence of the story. 

After you leave the movie theater, you will feel inspired by Oher’s story. Whatever problems you may have had in your life before seeing “The Blind Side” may seem slightly smaller compared to those Oher had to overcome. I give The Blind Side five stars. 

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