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Movie Review: Sideways

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Sideways, simply put, is an amazing film filled with real people in believable situations. All too often we get cardboard cutout characters populating formulaic scripts and being placed in the same old situations. This one has characters who live and breathe and have real feelings and motivations, and the situations are real. There was just something that felt genuine about this movie, there is something for the viewer to grab onto and identify with, further drawing them into the plot and the characters lives.

The film follows Miles and Jack. Miles is taking Jack out for a week of wine tasting and golf, all leading up to Jack’s impending wedding, which is a mere week away. But before we get to the trip, we must first take a look at our two leads. Paul Giamatti is Miles, a middle school English teacher, bitter over his divorce …..

You know, I can’t do this. I have been trying to write this review for over a week now and I cannot get the write words out for it. But, I still feel the need to get something posted about it.

Let me just say that this is easily one of the best films I have seen this year. Paul Giamatti gives a great performance, even better than he did in American Splendor last year. His chemistry with all of his costars is perfect, his fractured friendship with Thomas Haden Church to his vulnerable relationship with Virginia Madsen. All four of the leads are perfectly cast, hitting all the right notes.

The story gives us four characters that don’t feel like cutouts, they are real people inhabiting a real world. They are placed in a situation that anyone can identify with.

It is a movie that everyone should definitely see. I wish I could have done better with this one, but the words escape me. Just see it.

Highly Recommended.

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