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Movie Review: Sarah’s Choice

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When a young advertising executive discovers that she’s unexpectedly pregnant, friends and co-workers encourage and even pressure her to terminate her pregnancy. Her Christian family members exhort her to save her baby, her boyfriend is uncertain and unprepared, but it’s when a mysterious woman declares that Sarah will have three visions relating to the choice before her that she realizes her decision will have long-lasting repercussions.

Well known not only as a talented Christian recording artist, but also as an author and advocate for spiritual, emotional, and physical purity amongst young unmarried women, Rebecca St. James may seem an odd choice for the lead in a film that deals with premarital pregnancy and abortion. Sarah’s Choice represents her first starring role in a feature film, and while St. James has long held acting aspirations, I wasn’t sure if she had the chops for the role.

I think she’s pulled it off extremely well; I’m pleasantly impressed by her acting skills. Moving through a wide range of emotions, St. James is able to realistically portray deep emotional struggles in the face of life or death situations. The film’s one major weakness in the acting department is the portrayal of the romantic relationship between Sarah and her boyfriend.

I completely understand St. James' deep commitment to personal purity that likely accounts for the lack of ‘fireworks’ on screen between the pair, but it does result in a relationship that comes off as platonic on screen rather than physically intimate. The positive result of this approach is an inspirational family film that actually contains no scenes of premarital intimacy (even kissing) though it clearly deals with the subject of unplanned pregnancies and abortion.

Not only does Sarah’s Choice present a compelling vision of hope in what often seems to be a hopeless situation, but it also offers redemption and forgiveness through Christ for abortion survivors, a call to true, sacrificial manhood, and a model of love and grace for Christians to closely consider when responding to premarital pregnancy and abortion. I cried, my husband cried, and chances are you’ll cry too.

With a large and dedicated fan base to draw from, Rebecca St. James' name alone should guarantee widespread interest in this title. Yet even viewers unfamiliar with her work will find a positive, moving vision of doing the right thing, the vital importance of life, and a loving God who receives all who are willing to come just as they are.

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