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Movie Review: Pride & Prejudice (2005)

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Pride & Prejudice is a classic novel by Jane Austen brought brilliantly to life in this film adaptation. The descriptive language used in the 19th century allows the movie to really have a life of its own. Knowing that the title is something that is usually found on a high school reading list, I was wary of how interesting this movie could possibly be.

The director, Joe Wright, who hasn’t had many big movies under his belt, did a fascinating job. The flick stars Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet, a young woman who’s the second eldest of five sisters who are all to be courted and married off as soon as possible. A rich but somewhat goofy character, Mr. Bingley (Simon Woods), moves to their town and brings his pompous and rude friend, Mr. Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen). Of course there is going to be love and hardship, as Elizabeth’s sister falls in love with Mr. Bingley and Elizabeth grows a hatred for Mr. Darcy.

The scenes in this film make you wish you had grown up during the 19th century in England. The lavish gowns and splendid balls that lasted more than a couple of days make present-day American social life seem dull. Elizabeth Bennet is so easy to immediately fall in love with due to her intelligence and witty sarcasm about how men and courtship are a wasteful entity in life.

Her strong-willed personality and the actual acceptance of it is what makes this film so satisfying. The characters are so believable and to picture oneself in the midst of keeping a family afloat is something that many people can connect with. Confusion of love also is a key theme and it makes things quite humorous. The banter between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy provides just the right amount of tension to keep you on your toes. Wright did a good job of keeping the film closely related to the book with few changes. If you’re a fan of the novel, the movie will be just as pleasing.

Language is key in this film, but sometimes the story line is somewhat difficult to follow. There are so many characters that have a piece in the puzzle it can get confusing. If one has read the novel, the movie is much easier to enjoy by already knowing the plot. Also, the film is a little over two hours long but it’s because the scenes are very detailed. Even though it can feel quite lengthy, the small details are what make the film complete.

Anyone who has a love for literature or even just enjoys hearing a natural British accent should see this film. The film accurately portrays Jane Austen’s words and brings them to life. The romance and chemistry between the characters would have anyone wishing upon a star after viewing it. This is one of my favorite movies to this day because of the appreciation a person can acquire for a true romance after watching it.

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