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Movie Review: Poseidon

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On New Year night, Poseidon, the luxurious cruise liner was hit by a majestic rogue wave flipping it upside down. With help several hours away most of the passengers decide to sit it out. However, Dylan Johns (Josh Lucas) decides to get off the already sinking ship, by climbing to the hull (now on top).

He is joined by Maggie James (Jacinda Barrett) and her son Conor (Jimmy Bennett), Robert Ramsey (Kurt Russell), his daughter Jennifer (Emmy Rossum) and her boyfriend Christian (Mike Vogel), Elena Gonzalez (Mía Maestro) and Richard Nelson (Richard Dreyfuss).
Will they all make it out before the ship sinks?

The remake of Poseidon borrows it’s storyline from The Poseidon Adventure (1972) and so you do know the initial part of the story.

I am glad that they didn’t stick to it completely, or you would have had a remake of the original with special effects.

Speaking of the special effects, they rocked! It is also the main reason you actually should go out for the movie.

PoseidonThe entire scene right from the generation of the tidal wave, to it striking the boat, to the capsize, the overturning, and finally the blackout are amazing. They kept me glued to the screen with my mouth open!

The depiction of the dead bodies is also done really well. Some of them really made me squirm in my seat! It surprises me how the actors managed to work around them!

Coming to the acting … well it failed to impress. While Josh Lucas does a great job and Emmy is really gorgeous (lucky Mike), the other actors didn’t perform so well that it would make you want to give them an award.

The end was of course predictable, as were most scenes in the movie.

There are a lot of questionable parts of the movie, which definitely need more explanation. I won’t call them goofs but just scenes that just didn’t seem possible nor sensible.

I would not like to elaborate on this as it will make this review a spoiler.

Overall, a decent movie. Worth watching once, for the special effects.

My rating: 6/10

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