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Movie Review: New World Order at SXSW

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New World Order, the new feature-length documentary directed by Luke Meyer and Andrew Neel, delves deep into the sub-culture of conspiracy theorists. It crisscrosses the nation interviewing people who have deep-rooted beliefs about what is really going on in the world. Most of them talk about something called the Bilderberg Group. This group apparently consists of the world’s richest and most powerful people and they are hell bent on controlling every aspect of life on this planet.

New World Order introduces us to an eclectic group of people that we probably didn’t know existed before. It was the first time I’d heard of Alex Jones. He’s like the Rush Limbaugh of conspiracy theorists. He is deeply charismatic as he makes his views known on his radio show and at public speaking events. People find his charisma intriguing and so did I, even though at times he can be downright creepy, and hard to take seriously when he gets into a really heated discussion.

While the Bilderberg Group (the apparent New World Order) has top billing in this documentary, a lot of time is spent talking about 9/11 and whether it was a giant government cover-up. These intrepid souls take to the streets trying to get anyone to hear them out, to tell their side of the story. It’s fascinating watching how heated the debates get. These are issues that drill down to the core of us as Americans, and watching people try and defend their positions is one of the best parts of the movie.

New World Order isn’t really about making you believe one way or another. That’s the brilliance of it. Instead it shows you these people, and their passion toward a subject they care deeply about. This isn’t a tool of rhetoric to make you believe that 9/11 was an inside job. It serves as a vehicle for us to get to know these people.

The film does veer off a little when it visits the people living in the remote regions of Idaho. But the bulk of the film is devoted to Alex Jones and his travels. As he travels the globe he’s sure that he’s being followed, and every seemingly insignificant thing that happens to him is a conspiracy, such as when a fire alarm is pulled in a hotel he’s staying at. Not much proof is given to the viewer that the fire alarm was indeed a malicious act, but it shows the amount of paranoia that comes with this non-stop lifestyle. Whether that paranoia is well founded isn’t for me to say, but it was interesting to watch.

These conspiracy theorists have real passion and zeal. It’s not unlike watching people argue with religious missionaries about God. I didn’t come away from this film thinking there’s this massive conspiracy permeating the globe, but that’s not its point. I came away with a new respect for these people. Most people have a passion, something they cannot live without and they’d like to share with everyone else. This is their passion, and these are their stories.

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  • Agreed,

  • Jacob

    where can i watch this documentary or buy it …….. i really want to watch this . thanks….

  • Vick

    I knew many people that believe -i rather use word knew about conspiracy of globalists..and none of them just blindly follow Alex Jones,all of them I know have so much information about history and how these ideas were carried out to todays form..Its all about knowledge of this subject,i challenge everyone to do a research on this subject with an opened mind.

    Btw. what evidence would non believers want??? It has to happend to be true..and thats what we dont want…but as you look at word its coming true evry day more and more.

  • Steve

    Why is that the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY is chock full of brilliant people who know what is going on, and have known everything Alex Jones has been saying, and they have known this informtion for more than 30+ years? You think if you analyze Alex Jones that you are complete in your analysis — not even close. There is so much material and so much evidence, and so much of it coming from elites and other insiders (former CIA heads, former FBI, former contractors of elites, etc, etc), anyone who isn’t yet aware of what is going on around them has been living in a fantasy world created for them. Part of that fantasy is the perceived luxury of pointing fingers at people much smarter than you. Get with the program and smell the coffee already — it’s been burning for some time.

  • Steve

    Go to the source of all “conspiracy nut” theories — LEON SKOUSEN and DANIEL ESTULIN. These guys are more billiant than any recent president, have many personal connections to the insider elites (Skousen was himself an elite), and detail the plan truth without any exaggeration. And their material is SOMEWHAT OLD. As in, this is OLD NEWS. People have had 30+ years to dig into these theories, only to find they are based in 100% fact. Why does this blogger appear to have been born just yesterday?

  • TheTruthIsOutThere

    As the previous poster “The_Patriot” had posted about googling & reading documents for yourself. I suggest he take his own advice and does the same. Don’t just take what someone like Alex Jones says as proof. Do these people even bother reading what they are told to read & what they are told is proof or do they just glance at it and see words like “prison camp” & “civilian” & assume that it’s exactly what Alex Jones claims it is. If anyone reads the document which “The_Patroit” has provided, this document is implied for CONVICED FELONS. Civilians who are now in prison & have been convicted by a jury for the crime in which they committed. For example on page 31;

    Minimum (level) security inmates
    Civilian inmates who do not need constant guard and who have committed nonviolent crimes. Minimum security
    inmates participating in the Civilian Inmate Labor Program are also usually within 1 year of parole, are medically
    cleared for regular duty status with no medical or psychological restrictions, and have no prior employment or
    relationship with the host agency (Army organization using civilian inmates).

    As well on Page 30;

    Corrections facility
    Facility providing correctional treatment to civilian prisoners to motivate them for return to the civilian community.

    Civilian inmates
    Prisoners incarcerated in a Federal, State, or local government penal facility. Prisoners of a military confinement
    facility are not civilian inmates.

    It’s mind boggling how so many people can fall for the things Alex Jones says & claim it’s proof to back up what he’s saying. They all say it’s backed up by proof but much of it is exaggerations and assumptions. It’s true the world isn’t perfect and there are many illegal things happening & things that need to change but there will always be gullable, weak-minded people who will believe anything.

  • I don’t get what’s confusing about this. Who controls the value of YOUR MONEY? The same money you work for everyday at a FIXED rate. The FEDERAL RESERVE does! AND GUESS WHAT… you don’t get to know who they give your money to!!! When the dollar loses its value are wages compensated? NO. When food prices go up, are wages compensated? NO.

  • Aaron Peck

    Jeremy: Thanks for the kind words. I tried to be unbiased, because I felt like the film was that way. I didn’t feel like the director had an agenda other than showing who these people are and how these things they believe so strongly in affect their lives.

  • Jeremy

    Thanks for this review it is the most unbiased I have seen so far. As far as the theories go, I am a beleiver of the Bilderberg and 9/11 “theories” not all of them.. there are alot of really kookie people out there. However all Jones does on his shows and in his movies are show people government, NGO, ‘think-tank’ and mainstream media documents. Things like the Financial Times (which attend Bilderberg) calling for a world government run by the banks. And Articles like the Wall Street Journal put out on there Market Watch website calling for a North American Union, and a change from the dollar to the Amero. So these “conspiracies” are really just Agendas that are openly discused by the ruling class but not the average person. I would like to invite the reviewer to look into these articles. Watch a Alex Jones Film like “Terrorstorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism”.

  • Aaron Peck

    Paul: Nothing is really said about the mainstream media, and the people involved aren’t depicted in a horrible light either. Like I said in the review, New World Order the documentary doesn’t set out to convince you one way or another. If anything I think this documentary is for people that had no interest at all in conspiracies or the people involved, and it’s just used so those uninterested people can see what goes on in this separate culture.

    The documentary is more about the people than the theories.

  • Facts: Civilian Inmate Labor Program Read the US ARMY regulations

    PDD51 – National Continuity Policy (President as Dictator) –

    This could go on forever – everything Jones says you can google and read the docs. Grow up, it is all real.

  • Paul

    I cant wait to see this movie. It will probably help wake up many people, even if it paints conspiracy theorists in a bad light. I hope there was some attention focused on the corporate owned mainstream media, which is much less credible than a bunch of internet “kooks”

    quo bono…….
    When sorting out fact from fiction., consider the source and what that source has to gain or lose by distorting facts and or fabrication of lies.

    Everyone is biased.

  • Ryan

    Jones does speak the truth. Psshhhh….”conspiracy theorists” that are paranoid is what I find funny.

  • j3161usa

    When it comes to 9/11, i do beleive it was a collosal series of “lets let it happen” events. It could have been stopped but it was allowed for reason we all know too well. But, just like the kennedy assassination, we will never be able to prove it. And even if we could, at this time it wouldn’t be good for the country, given the dire situation this country is in.

  • Aaron Peck

    Russell: You’re welcome.

    And you’re right, people shouldn’t take anything at face value that’s for sure.

  • Russell

    The popularity of some of these conspiracy theories amazes me. What gets on my nerves is that large numbers of people blindly believe in some of the theories without demanding evidence or thinking for themselves… they just believe everything Alex Jones and David Icke tell them. These conspiracy radio hosts can be highly entertaining, but let’s not automatically swallow everything they say. Conspiracy theories are a lot of fun to hear and read about, but 99% of them falter under analysis.

    Thanks for the article.

  • Aaron Peck

    Lee: Will do. I’ve checked out Infowars.com…anywhere else you’d recommend?

  • Lee

    Research to see for yourself if Alex Jones is giving you facts.

  • Aaron Peck

    NH: I was commenting on the way Mr. Jones tells it. There’s a point in the movie, about 2-3 minutes long where Mr. Jones is speaking while looking directly into the camera. His voice begins to crescendo until he is full blown yelling, and his face contorts into something I can only describe as “creepy.”

    Whether he speaks the truth isn’t up to me to decide, and isn’t the point of the film either. It’s just to show the stories of these people, which I found fascinating.

  • NH

    Um it isn’t that Jones is creepy, it’s the stuff he’s telling you, which is 100% true, that is creepy.

    He only deals in facts, sometimes those facts have saved me