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Movie Review: Nancy Drew

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In high school, the week before school ends is always known as "Hell Week." This is because all the teachers realize they have to cram in another chapter of the textbook, give a couple of tests, and prepare us for the dreaded finals. I have just survived another Hell Week. Well, after I survive something like that, I am totally ready for something fun. So, I saw Nancy Drew with my family.

Nine out of ten girls have read the Nancy Drew series. I read the Notebooks, which was the junior version. They are the only thing I remember reading in elementary school. I probably would have read the series, but I got turned off from reading after some of the required books in school. I don't care if it's a classic, I hated To Kill a Mockingbird! A lot. I remember wanting those adventures Nancy Drew had! Let's face it, life can be pretty boring and Nancy Drew spends her day deactivating bombs. I mean, I'm not daredevil, but compared to Geometry, I'd rather be there!

Nancy Drew (Emma Roberts) is a teenage girl who was never ordinary. She has an addiction to solving crimes and wears penny loafers. Nancy is forced to leave her home in River Heights, with her friends, including her love interest, Ned (Max Thierot), to move in Los Angeles with her father (Tate Donovan). She promises her father she will not solve any mysteries in L.A., because it's much too dangerous. Her father got a job offer from Dashiel Zachery Biedermeyer (Barry Bostwick), a high profile lawyer.

Well, as expected, Nancy disobeys her father. She was allowed to pick the house, so she picks one with a mystery that hasn't been solved for years. Of course, it includes a creepy caretaker played by Marshall Bell. The mystery centers around Dehlia Draycott (Laura Harring), a movie star. Dehila disappeared for five months. When she reappeared, she holds a party, but is killed before she could even greet the guests. Nancy just can't resist to solve the mystery after she finds a mysterious note involving her will.

Well, Corky, a twelve-year-old boy, played by Josh Flitter, befriends her. Corky was involved with a joke aimed to embarrass Nancy and decides to hang out with her instead. Behind the prank was Inga (Daniella Monet) and Trish (Kelly Vitz). Inga is Corky's sister, but he speculates she is also the devil. The two girls aren't very nice to her, despite the fact that Nancy really tries to fit in. Someone also drives Nancy's car and makes a surprise visit into town to help solve the mystery.

Somebody is trying to kill Nancy. Leshing, the caretaker, warned her whoever messed with the case, always finds trouble. Nancy doesn't listen. She receives threatening phone calls. Then, someone tries to run her and Corky over. Someone puts a bomb in her precious car. Nancy considers letting go of the case, but then remembers that people tried to kill her and she wasn't going to let them scare her.

The acting is really good. Emma Roberts is perfect for Nancy Drew. She was in Aquamarine recently and did really well on that also. I think she is more successful on the big screen. She starred in the Nickelodeon show, Unfabulous, for two seasons until it got the ax sometime last year. She was good, some of the supporting cast were not, so the show was not very good, in my opinion.

Speaking of the supporting cast, they did well too. Daniella Monet (Inga) seems to play the bitchy teenager a lot and is quite good at it. I'm not quite sure that she could pull off Nancy. After seeing her play the mean girl, I just could never see her as sweet Nancy Drew.

I remember seeing Max Thierot (Ned) in Catch that Kid and I hadn't seen him since, which really depressed me. I see his costar, Corbin Bleu, who I am absolutely in love with, all the time. Corbin went on to High School Musical and released his album last month.

I liked Marshall Bell (Leshing) a lot, although he scares me. Josh Flitter (Corky) was pretty good too, but he annoyed my mother. It's rare to see a movie that you can't complain about an actor, which is my favorite thing to do.

Kay Panabaker (Summerland, Read it and Weep) makes a brief apperance as George, Nancy's friend in River Heights. George, although huge in the books, is practically non-existent in the movie. I had a huge fight with my sister whether or not that was Kay Panabaker and I won! In the movie, Kay Panabaker has shorter hair. It was weird. I never win. My sister always recognizes actors and I can't.

The one and only complaint I have about the movie is the beginning. I didn't feel it. It was Nancy solving some case in River Heights. I thought it was a weak beginning. I hate when movies start like that. I hate when shows and movies start in the middle of stories. I felt like I came in the last twenty minutes of some movie.

Admit it. Everyone likes solving mysteries before the ending is revealed. Well, I can never do it. My sister can do it as soon as the criminal walks on the screen. It's amazing. Drives me mad. Well, Amanda, again, reached the conclusion early. My father, who is dense like me, figured it out. I could tell you why he figured it out first, but it would give it away. I, of course, figured it out when the bad guy started chasing Nancy. That's how I am.

I would recommend this movie. Now, granted, I like most movies, but that's because I don't see that many in theaters. My father liked it though! Now if a forty-year-old man liked it, it must be good, because it is something that you would expect a forty-year-old man to like. He didn't want to see it either. He wanted to see Knocked Up, but my sister's a prude and wouldn't allow it. Since he vetoed Fantastic Four, which is too bad, because Chris Evans is hot and I would love spending two hours looking at him. Heh. As a result, my father was dragged to Nancy Drew. Anyway, the point is Nancy Drew has romance, suspense, and, obviously, mystery and was totally worth ten bucks (or nine, because I have a student discount). Everyone should see it, because it was awesome.

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