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Movie Review: My Name Is Khan

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"Repair the world with love" is the message behind the movie, as they state on the official website. When that is your message, you really cannot go wrong! Whether you generally classify yourself an optimist or a pessimist, this movie will instill hope in you — a rare commodity nowadays!

My Name Is Khan is a beautiful modern epic, with a hero that is as likable as can be. What is truly remarkable about the movie, and is evident from the get-go, is how the filmmakers send a message of idealism in today's cynical world without turning the movie into a mawkish melodramatic production geared only towards sentimental audiences. My Name Is Khan is intellectually stimulating, and is also studded with visual artistry worthy of praise; equally skillful in expressing love and joy as in taking you into the midst of disasters that have hit the United States.

My Name Is Khan is a movie for all times, and about all people. It might seem to be about Muslims facing Islamophobia or about autistic children in developing countries facing up to the lack of resources; but My Name Is Khan is about the human condition and the age-old adage: pain engenders greatness. It is about the choices human beings make when they suffer; when discriminated against you can choose to become a terrorist, or you can choose to be Khan. When you are inclined to stereotype and succumb to prejudiced, preconceived notions, you can always take a moment to step back and look at the world through the eyes of an idealist. This is what this movie offers — pink-colored glasses to help, even if only momentarily, make the world a better place. The filmmakers go so far as to hope that the movie would be a call for action, and they invite the viewers on the official website to follow in Khan's footstep and "repair the world with love."

Shahrukh Khan, a Bollywood superstar, rivals—dare I say outshines?—Dustin Hoffman's portrayal of an autistic person who steals the heart of all. He manages to convey all the intricate details of his personal world, and his heart, without over-dramatizing his condition or his tics, everything just flows so naturally — a performance truly Academy Award-worthy. His co-star, Kajol, is truly a match to his brilliance. Their on-screen chemistry is very refreshing, and added a lot to this viewer's experience.

The musical score is another stroke of genius. It does much more than just set the mood; it transports you across cultures and ethnicities. It infuses your senses with the magic of not just the East, but of humanity and the human soul.

So whether or not you are a Bollywood fan, and whether you thought Slumdog Millionaire was worth the hype or not, this is a movie you shouldn't miss — it's inspiring, entertaining, and above all, enlightening.

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  • Anonymous

    I thought the movie was just plainly too silly

  • Sam

    What a fantastic spot on review!