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Movie Review: Marty and Doug’s New Religion

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Two imbeciles, in an effort to get laid and avoid paying taxes, decide to form their own religion in their apartment and actually become successful doing so, while managing to enrage the Church and even the Son of Christ himself along the way. Just think where these guys would be if they put their energies to good use.

This is the premise for Marty and Doug's New Religion, a silly from start to finish romp from Phalanx Film Entertainment and All Things Random Productions, starring Greg Vorob and Dan Conrad (who also penned the script) as the title duo.

"Awesomism" or "Baddasstianity"?

That is the question for dimwits Marty (Vorob) and Doug (Conrad) as they embark on the creation of a new religion, in a grand effort to avoid paying taxes and picking up women for nothing more than cheap thrills. You would think that two losers, whose whole lives are devoted to "kicking back, kicking it and kicking ass," wouldn't develop much of a following from normal, everyday people. You'd be wrong in this case. They do develop a following, although the cast of characters in their congregation are a wild assortment of personalities, some hardly normal, everyday people — from the prudish Phyllis (Lisa Peart) to the downright insane Barry (Felix Gardon).

Their congregation in place, Marty and Doug preach their gospel, which mostly consists of being lazy and trying to get women like Phyllis into the "sex pit." It actually works (not the "sex pit" part), but the Son of God (Ian Campbell Dunn) doesn't approve of Marty and Doug's new religion at all, nor their motives. He appears to Marty and Doug and warns them that their religion is going to do more harm than good. Now, smart people would heed the advice of the Messiah. Well, you haven't met Marty and Doug. Of course, they ignore the Almighty One.

Then the Church gets involved in the act to shut Marty and Doug down and even manage to plant Veronica, a spy, (Molly Montgomery) who also happens to be Marty's dream woman, to infiltrate the religion and try to divide Marty and Doug.

If Vorob and Conrad's intention was to go all out and be as off the wall as they wanted to be, then mission accomplished. Much like the films of Adam Sandler and Judd Apatow, Marty and Doug's New Religion is crazy fun, with characters that are broad and over the top. It may not be for everybody, but if you're a fan of the downright silly and ridiculous, then this series (hopefully more episodes are to come) is for you.

Director Dan Kowalski deserves high marks for keeping things moving at a solid pace, as do Vorob and Conrad, who lead the way as splendid nitwits in the Jim Carrey/Jeff Daniels Dumb and Dumber oeuvre. Their interplay is very strong and sharp from a comedic standpoint, although of the two, Vorob comes off a little more polished in his delivery.

Everyone involved in the project looks like they're having a good time. Of the supporting cast, kudos go to Lisa Peart who does nice work in her role as the bookish Phyllis, while Felix Gardon seems to be having a rollicking good time as the wild and crazy Barry.

Visit the film's official website.

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