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Movie Review – Like Crazy (2011)

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Charting the romance of a beautiful young couple struggling to stay together, Like Crazy is at once a wonderful exploration of romance and the gaiety of young love in the face of hurdles. Jacob (Alpha Dog’s Anton Yelchin), a talented furniture maker, and Anna (Felicity Jones), a fledgling writer, fall madly for each other while studying in college. Their courtship is feverishly rapid, with frequent trysts, amusement park rides and late-night frolics. It’s all amazing to witness. But the seemingly ideal world they create for themselves is too perfect to go unchallenged, and sure enough their bond is soon put to the test.

You see, Anna is a British national residing in America who, as it happens, overstays her student visa. So when she flies to London to reunite with her folks and then attempts to re-enter the United States, she is thwarted by immigration officials, who send her back home. Consequently, the paramours find themselves grappling with a frustrating case of long-distance love. Can they make it work? To remain a couple, what manner of sacrifices must they make?

Helmed by Drake Doremus, who brings a sincere and light-hearted directorial touch to the proceedings, Like Crazy offers a divine viewing experience. Charmingly irresistible, it hugely benefits from the engaging performances by its pair of attractive young leads. Yeltin (endlessly amiable) and Jones (thoroughly delightful) share an on-screen rapport so effortless and complete, one could easily believe that they’ve been buddies for years. Such is the naturalness and unwavering appeal of the entire cast, which also features Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone) in a richly nuanced turn as Jacob’s lovely assistant who vies for his affections.

A breezy indie drama, which transports us from fast-paced New York to the calm and idyllic U.K. and back again, Like Crazy was the darling of Sundance earlier this year, and it’s not at all hard to fathom why. With its bohemian atmospherics and likeable stars, the film is best regarded as a palpable meditation on fighting for the love you want – even when it becomes painfully clear that it might be a futile struggle.

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