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Movie Review: Life as We Know It

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Let’s be real, I would never pass up the opportunity to watch a chick-flick. I just wouldn’t — especially when it has a precious storyline revolving around love and babies. Hello, heaven. (Just speakin’ the truth here.) And love and babies are exactly what one will find when watching recent release Life as We Know It, directed by Greg Berlanti, previous writer and executive producer of ABC sitcom drama Brothers and Sisters.

Featuring Katherine Heigl as Holly Berenson and Josh Duhamel as Eric Messer, Life as We Know It is a romantic comedy that characterizes life in the way most individuals know it best: messy, challenging, and beautiful. The film begins with Holly and Eric, an unlikely couple who had been set up on a blind date by mutual friends. Approximately three minutes into the date, both Holly and Eric became overwhelmed with loathing sentiments for one another. To their surprise, however, that night was not the last time the two would cross paths — far from it. After the mutual friends who had originally set up the blind date, Peter and Allison, ended up tying the knot, Holly assumed the role of “maid of honor” and Eric “best man” at their wedding.

Life for the happily married couple and the two best friends was such as many thirty-something aged, American adults experience — somewhat carefree. Peter and Allison’s lives were soon consumed with their precious daughter Sophie; while Eric and Holly spent the majority of their time focusing on their careers.

The sudden and tragic end of Peter and Allison’s lives then left Holly and Eric in quite the predicament, as they were named the godparents of Sophie. As one can imagine, granting two individuals who hate one another joint custody of an infant posed many challenges. Neither of the two knew the first thing about raising a child. Where would they live? Would they live together? Would it be possible to not kill each other in the process? Would either Eric of Holly have to compromise his or her careers? What would become of their relationship?

Life as We Know It ventures through the first year of Holly and Eric’s attempt at being parents. It is a story of love, hurt, faithfulness, and undoubtedly, many tears. But despite a great deal of compromise, hurt feelings, many exchanges of harsh words, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel for Holly and Eric. After all, Peter and Allison had been their best friends and had known them better than anyone else. Holly and Eric were forced to trust they had to have had something providential in mind.

This is a film that connects with audiences from a variety of backgrounds. Whether you have recently lost a loved one, experienced heart-break, are feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of this world, or simply love adorable babies, this movie is one that will surely have a soft spot in your heart.

Many may view this film as simply another romantic comedy, for does contain many somewhat predictable characteristics and outcomes. But on the whole, it is a wonderful film, that will be appreciated by individuals of a variety of ages. Due to certain adult content, I would suggest this movie for predominantly adults above the age of 16, but that’s just me. All I know is, I literally cried through the entire movie. So if you tend to be tearful, I highly recommend a box of tissues. It is not as though this movie is heart-wrenching from beginning to end, but it does appeal to one’s emotions. So many families today became such under very unlikely circumstances. The 1950’s ideal of “Keeping up with the Jones’” is far from reality in America today.

People are broken, hurting, and confused as to which life paths they ought to take. Life as We Know It perfectly depicts this much more accurate version of today’s reality — people who come together amidst very unlikely circumstances and against all odds, attempt to make a life for themselves. Life is never going to be perfect, but at least we’re all in it together.

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