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Movie Review: Leap Year (2010)

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Leap Year, starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode, is a feel-good romantic comedy that would put a smile on anyone's face. It's cute, funny and features actors with a lot of talent. I highly recommend it as an activity for "girls night out."

Anna (Amy Adams) and her boyfriend, Jeremy (Adam Scott), have been dating for four years. They plan to move in together, but Anna wants to get married. There's an Irish tradition: if a girl proposes to a guy on Febuary 29th (Leap Day), the guy will say yes. When Jeremy goes to Ireland on business, Anna books a flight to Ireland to propose to him on the spot. But while there, she meets Declan (Matthew Goode), a cynical but sweet guy who she pays to drive her to meet her boyfriend. After meeting Declan, she's not so sure that Jeremy is the right guy for her.

Obviously, in a romantic comedy, the two leads must have chemistry. If they don't, it won't be believable and the whole movie will suffer. The acting could be amazing. The script could be mind-blowing. But if the leads don't have chemistry, there's no way the movie can get good reviews. Amy Adams and Matthew Goode have great chemistry. I wouldn't be shocked to find out they were dating in real life. Now, this doesn't mean Anna and Declan will end up together. I can think of at least one movie that the main girl does not end up with the guy she is supposed to end up with. I guess you'll have to go to the theater and see for yourself.

Amy Adams and Matthew Goode can act. I've liked Amy Adams since Enchanted. I was unfamiliar with Matthew Goode, even though he's been in quite a few things. Bad acting can ruin a movie while good acting can make a movie. Amy Adams and Matthew Goode are phenomenal actors. I am deifinitely impressed.

For some reason, Leap Year is getting terrible reviews. I'm not quite sure why. I hope all 2010 romantic comedies can match how great Leap Year was.

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  • I always love romantic comedy movie, it will make me smile and imagine my own love story. There are many heavy romantic love stories, but I prefer to watch the comedy, it can release my stress. I will definitely watch the leap year.