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Movie Review: Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

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In a nutshell, Larry the Cable Guy is Larry the Health Inspector and in an effort to save his job (due to his supposedly endearing and yet unconventional manner of doing his job) he must solve a mystery — a gross and yet un-intriguing mystery (word to the wise — don’t plan to eat while you watch it). Along the way there is alleged mayhem (none of it very interesting) and a love story that is absurd only to the point of being absurd, stopping far short of being absurdly funny.

And it’s not that I don’t appreciate humor that arises from sheer stupidity. I enjoy stupidity and outrageous behavior as much as the next person. Plenty of people have perfected that concept, such as Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber. And by the way, the bathroom scene that made us all roll on the floor laughing in Dumb and Dumber was re-created by Larry the Health Inspector and I’m sorry, but it just wasn’t very funny this time around.

Any Chris Farley movie did the “so absurd and stupid it’s hilarious” to perfection. One of the reasons his movies worked so well is that Chris Farley was able to create an endearing (albeit outrageously stupid) character. Unfortunately Larry the Cable Guy does not. In fact he’s rather revolting, even during the parts where the writers are clearly trying to make him seem sympathetic.

If you can imagine ninety minutes of Larry the Cable Guy's hillbilly perspective, uninterrupted by normalcy, that’s what this movie is. Ninety minutes of… well, hillbilly talk. No redeeming qualities, no contrast, no perspective. Nothing which shocks us with the humor of contrasting Larry's up-front, frank hillbilly ways with the normalcy of American life. It's just ninety minutes of Larry being Larry with no one effectively playing the role of straight man. Actually there are people who are trying to play the “straight man,” namely his partner (played by Iris Bahr), but she is so completely ineffective (and not funny) that it just doesn’t work.

The jokes fall flat, the love story is ridiculous and there are only so many times a fart joke is funny in ninety minutes. This movie far exceeds that number. Along those lines the movie is much more gross than it is funny. And it’s not just me being uptight. My husband has a fairly high tolerance for bathroom humor and I couldn’t even get him to keep watching it with me after the first ten minutes. It was that contrived and that predictably un-funny.

It’s boring and slow, and just when you think it can’t get any worse, Kid Rock makes a cameo appearance (in Larry’s dreams, naturally).

Frankly, the movie is so lacking in substance and humor that it’s hard to even think of anything useful to say about it other than save your shekels.

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  • Thanks for the warning .. I was gonna give this one a chance on DVD, but I think I’ll just pass

  • Pretty much exactly what I figured it would be.