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Movie Review: Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr. Leonard Cohen

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In honor of the lunar eclipse in Virgo, last night I watched, Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr. Leonard Cohen filmed in 1965 and I enjoyed it on many levels. I have to say I really like watching this stuff filmed when Pluto and Uranus were conjunct because it’s imbued with this powerful energy.

The movie is a documentary. The camera follows Cohen around as he meets, greets, sleeps, walks, ponders, and bathes. It’s well worth a look for the poetry and for the retro fashion, but I was especially struck by the ending.

Cohen is a Virgo with Pisces Moon. He has Venus in Virgo conjunct Neptune at the same degree so there is another Virgo/Pisces exchange. And after the movie ends, there’s an addendum that has Cohen analyzing himself on film.

It’s very Virgoan, but what killed me is he was remarking on how remarkable it was to see himself sleeping. The thing is, he’s not really sleeping in the movie. He’s only pretending (Neptune) to be asleep. And you see him stare at his “faking being asleep” self and you can see him thinking before he concludes this is an even better privilege. "Everyone wants to know what they look like when they are pretending, right?"

I had to laugh. Maybe this is what all those porn stars are up too, eh?

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