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Movie Review: Jurassic Park 3D – Dinosaurs Up Close and Scarier

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Brachiosaurus. Tyrannosaurus Rex. Velociraptor. These are the dinosaurs I learned about in grade school, that came to life in Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park way back in 1993. It’s been 20 years since Mr. Spielberg showed us what could happen if dinosaurs ruled the Earth once again, and my friends, it wasn’t pretty.

Although they had been away for 65 million years, give or take, dinos weren’t happy about being thrust into a world ruled by humans. They wanted to roam free, hunt and munch on the closest thing they could find, which could be each other or, in the words of John Hammond, “the blood-sucking lawyer.” Spielberg’s Jurassic Park was not only a box-office success, but also a technological marvel thanks to Stan Winston, Phil Tippet, Michael Lantieri and Dennis Muren. Their creativity brought the dinosaurs to life and made me very glad I wasn’t on that island. So it is only natural that Jurassic Park would get the 3D treatment.

Most Saturdays, I sleep in a little, thankful I don’t have to see my office for the next two days. But this particular Saturday had me up pretty early to catch a screening of Jurassic Park in 3D. When I arrived at the theater, Times Square was pretty quiet (for Times Square anyway) and it was unbelievably cold. Thankfully, the wait was short, and it wasn’t long before I was sitting comfortably in my seat, ready for the movie to begin.

To say that watching Jurassic Park in 3D was a new experience is an understatement. It was downright frightening at times, especially when you’ve got a T-Rex in your face. For most people, the idea of a T-Rex running loose is scary enough. But in 3D, it’s just plain terrifying. Having a T-Rex seemingly so close that you can count his very large, very sharp teeth scared me enough that I grabbed my friend’s arm. It was even worse when the Velociraptors came to play because unlike T-Rex, those guys LOVE to jump out at their prey. In the scene where Muldoon is ambushed by our scaly friends and utters the famous line, “clever girl” right before he gets his head chewed off, the Velociraptor seemed so close that the hairs on my neck stood up. Creepy, to say the least.

Although I enjoyed the experience of watching Jurassic Park in 3D, the one thing that could be changed about the film is the color quality. With all the technology out there today to create films that look rich, lush and exceedingly life-like, Jurassic Park looked dull and, dare I say it, twenty years old. I felt like I was watching the film on my VCR instead of in a state-of-the-art movie theater. Hopefully, something will be done about that before the movie comes out in wide release next month.

Jurassic Park 3D will be out in theaters on April 5, 2013.

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  • Writergirl2009

    Thank you both for your comments. Elizabeth, it definitely helped that I’ve seen that movie so many times I know the words. 🙂

    RC, I agree. I was actually a bit shocked at the quality. I figured Spielberg’s movie would get the VIP treatment of remastering.

  • RC

    Just saw it. The 3D does add great depth. They do need to figure out how to brighten things up in 3D though.

  • Elizabeth

    I love your new take on an old movie. I may go see it in 3D, but I’ll wait for the chill in the weather to pass. Thanks for sharing your view on this great movie. You really looked behind the camera.