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Movie Review: Jumping The Broom

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Just when I was getting comfortable with and warmed up to the new T.D. Jakes rom-com Jumping The Broom, it was over. They were jumping the broom, running the credits, and doing the electric slide at the outdoor wedding. The cast includes the bride Sabrina Watson (Paula Patton), the ruffian mother-in-law Loretta Devine (Mrs. Taylor), Angela Bassett (Mrs. Watson) the real Miss Money Bags, and a cameo appearance at the beginning and end of the film by T.D. Jakes. Laz Alonzo plays the God-sent groom Jason Taylor with downtown roots. The couple collide and begin dating in the big city but the movie takes place on Martha’s Vineyard (Canadian lookalike).

Jason meets Sabrina, an uptown beauty, who is tired of being used by boyfriends and vows abstinence until she meets the right man, when marriage-material Jason enters the very next scene. Even though Jumping The Broom is formula right out of wedding-cake-by-numbers playbook it manages to entertain without preaching to the audience about abstinence before marriage.

A few observations:  I did not buy the locale as Martha’s Vineyard where the uptown set speaks French which sounds like German at times yet we are never told or know why they speak French. We don’t get too close to either family but we do get close to the lashing tongue of Mrs. Taylor and again have no idea why this Bible-reading “Christian” woman is so angry that she finds it necessary to call out the uptown family just hours before the wedding on a family secret that spills out and threatens to derail the nuptials.

The near-romances between the supporting cast often overshadows the bride and groom characters. Therein lies the weakness of the story:  the leading lady and man Patton and Alonzo are more like wedding cake talking dolls.

Despite the instant karma and conflict all ends well–with stirring spoon and formula to the rescue. With a likeable, pretty cast I spot a sequel to this tale with a now-married pretty couple and that would not be a bad thing.

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  • peppersews

    My hubby and I totally enjoyed this movie. He usually HATES this stuff (but I heard him talking to the screen). It was great without being preachy or outlandish. I want to see it again (the women beside us found it necessary to talk through the whole thing) so I can hear some of the things I missed. Go see it… I don’t think you will be sorry.

  • ewkappa

    I took my wife to see this movie, we both enjoyed it. It’s it diffently a must see. With today prices I FELT IT was worth the admission.

  • sarah

    I liked the film, hated the couple getting married. There definitely will be a sequel and it will focus on the married couple. And that will be a film I will gladly pass on. More screen time for a couple I disliked is not my idea of a good time.