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Movie Review: Inception – A Journey Through the Mind

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From the mind of Christopher Nolan (Memento, The Prestige, and The Dark Knight) comes the most entrancing movie event of the summer, if not the year. Nolan has created a masterpiece which years from now will be considered a cinematic classic. 

courtesy of rottentomatoes.comInception stars Leonardo DiCaprio in a performance that is sure to bring him his first Oscar win. DiCaprio puts in a flawless performance as the grief-stricken Cobb, a man who is in the business of “extraction,” which is the process of entering a person’s dreams and stealing their ideas. Soon Cobb is given an opportunity to redeem himself; he is hired by a wealthy business man, Saito (Ken Watanabe), to use the art of “inception” on a rival company’s executive. Inception is the process of planting an idea in someone’s mind so they think it was they themselves who created it.

courtesy of rottentomatoes.comFrom here Cobb assembles his team, who also put in stellar performances. The team includes Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), his right-hand man; Eames (Tom Hardy), who specializes in forgery, mimicking projections in the dreamer’s subconscious mind; newcomer Ariadne (Ellen Page), who serves as the team’s new architect and is responsible for creating the structure of the dreams; and Yusuf (Dileep Rao), the chemist who induces the team into the dreams.

Next, we meet their mark, Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy), set to take over his ailing father’s company. It is the teams’ job to plant an idea that benefits Saito into Fischer’s mind. This is as far as we will delve into the plot, in fear of ruining the wonder of discovering the events of the movie on your own.

courtesy of rottentomatoes.comNot only does Nolan provide us with a strange yet beautiful heartfelt story, he also presents us with stunning visuals, whether it is the crashing of powerful ocean waves on the beach or the visuals of buildings falling apart while the dream is collapsing. One of the best scenes of the film is the zero-gravity fight scene that takes place in a hotel hallway. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character glides through the air effortlessly and crawls up the walls like a real-life Spider-man.

Accompanying Inception’s grandiose and captivating story is Hans Zimmer’s intense musical score which enhances the dreamlike yet determined atmosphere of the movie.

After the movie has ended you will leave the theater in awe, wishing your dreams were as lavish and exciting as those you just saw on the screen.

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