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Movie Review: In the Blink of An Eye

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David Ramsey (David A.R. White) is a hardworking police detective who can’t seem to stop working and enjoy time with his wife. Through the resolution of a case he was working on, he manages to get invited on board a yacht for a vacation. He, his partner, and their wives embark on what should be the perfect getaway to the Sea of Cortez.

While spending time alone with his wife, she suddenly disappears. David races back to the boat and finds his friends have also disappeared, although the crew of the yacht is all still present. Working with his captain, he tries to find out what happened to his wife and friends. The next morning, David wakes up on the yacht and is shocked to see the day begin again. Thinking the whole thing must have been a dream, David is horrified to see that he is powerless to stop his wife from disappearing again and again.

Each day he lives through these same events, he tries to solve the mystery of her continuing disappearance. He attempts to alter circumstances to prevent her from disappearing but no matter what he does, the events play out the same each day. Finally he realizes the change he needs to make is one inside himself.

If you can’t tell from the synopsis, this is an apocalyptic movie. From the beginning, David’s partner is urging him to find Jesus and be saved. David and his wife are completely resistant to the idea and want nothing to do with religion. Partway through the movie, David’s wife is saved and she urges David to follow suit.

The story is well written and the acting is great. The special effects are nothing fantastic but that in no way detracts from the movie. If you’re turned off by Christian movies, then you may not enjoy this but if you’re open to God’s words and the Rapture, I highly recommend you watch this DVD. I have to admit that by the end of the movie, I had tears in my eyes. Very touching, this movie will remind you that some things are best not left until the end days.

You can learn more on the film's official Facebook page.

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