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Movie Review: I AM

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A kind of fish-out-of-water albeit Hollywood-produced movie, I AM manages to capture the invincibility of God amongst men. A non-intrusive yet blunt mystical sage, X is the central protagonist. In a way, he is supposed to reflect the human conscience or God’s guiding spirit. He’s ever so privy to the silent soliloquies of the film’s beleaguered characters; he’s swift to dissuade their suicidal notions but respects their desire to do as they please.

I must confess that I found the plot downright quirky and confusingly sketchy at some points. On the other hand, the fast-paced thriller-styled overtures compensated for the shortfall, thus allowing the overall objective to be placeable.

I AM chronicles how the decisions of an incorrigible character, or a greedy solicitor, or a self-righteous husband, or a blackmailing socialite all form an interwoven web, intricately consequential and strangely connected to other lives. How do their frivolous decisions and reckless ambitions make or break other people’s lives? One by one the characters come to terms with their flaws and limitations.

The script delicately delivers the objective of the movie, which is to illuminate the ways in which human beings tend to walk through life unaware of the set of creeds earmarked for mankind to abide by. Interestingly these fundamental rules total just 300 words and make up The 10 Commandments.

Some may say X (Tomas Boykin) is simply a figment of the imagination, and others adduce him to be the conscience. I’ll leave you to decide what you make of him when you see the movie.

Would I recommend this movie? Sure. Particularly as it addresses a wide range of moral topics, and has an interesting take on second chances in life. The movie makes a strong statement about the limitations of what money can buy, cautioning against using God’s name for profiteering endeavours.

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