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Movie Review: Honey 2

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2010 saw real progress for the dance genre, with films like Step Up 3D and StreetDance 3D both pushing through to not only a new dimension but also to surprisingly good reviews with the later of the two achieving a 84% “Fresh” rating on the review website Rotten Tomatoes.

Following this success, we’re now given a sequel to the fairly successful Honey, which starred the gorgeous Jessica Alba. In Honey 2 we follow Marie, one of Honey Daniels’ prodigies of as she rebuilds her life following a stint in juvenile prison, which is apparently nice enough to allow for impromptu dancing.

In order to follow her dream of being a full time dancer she joins up with a dance crew, all of which share a goal of winning a televised dance competition which could see the group touring with none other than Alexis Jordan. But tensions mount as Marie’s new team is pitted against the 718 crew who are fronted by Marie’s evil ex boyfriend Luis (only in Hollywood).

As you can imagine with any dance flick, the acting isn’t great, yet playing the main character you’d expect Katherina Graham to at least have some skill in that department. Unfortunately, it seems that somewhere along the line Miss Graham must have been told that having a smug look on you’re face for the whole film was a good way to get the audience on side. Some of the scenes are frankly unbelievably bad, we see a girl who’s been told to steal from a shop sat down sobbing in a dark damp alleyway just because she accidentally cut her arms.

None of this wouldn’t happen in the real world, but who am I kidding; this is the same film in which people spontaneously break out into ballet near fountains, television presenters don’t look into the camera whilst on air, and shop owners decide not to look after their stores choosing instead to waltz outside with girls half their age!

I think Honey 2 genuinely represents a step back for the dance genre. Avoid at all costs.

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