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Movie Review: Holding Trevor Doesn’t Hold Interest

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Director Rosser Goodman's Holding Trevor is a gay love story written by Brent Gorski. As much as I've found some charming and witty examples of gay plays such as the infamous Naked Boys Singing when I was a theater reviewer for the LA Weekly and, later, for the LA Times, I find little in this independent film to hold my interest.

Trevor (Gorski) is a man who, at the beginning of the movie, is breaking up with his undependable, drug-addicted boyfriend, Darrell (Christopher Wyllie). He meets an attractive new man, Ephram (Eli Kranski) but hesitates to become involved though his friends Jake (Jay Brannan) and Andie (Melissa Searing) encourage him. There is, of course, an HIV scare and some bitchy dialog, but the wit and snap isn't there. Gorski's dialog isn't funny and mostly falls flat and this is unfortunately capitalized by Goodman's indulgent direction.

If you're hoping for full-frontal nudity, there's none of that although there is male nudity (Joseph Roslan as Naked Guy) and tastefully simulated sex.

I suppose being on the phone with a friend while receiving oral sex is supposed to be funny or shocking or show how shallow one character is, but for me it just seemed rather lame. The Naked Guy is filmed in such a way that although he is totally naked and supposedly he and the clothed Andie had sex, the camera angle awkwardly strives not to show anything too shocking. After seeing the 1986 movie Room with a View and the original run of Naked Boys Singing, that seems so quaintly American in its prudishness.

While I have to admire Goodman and Gorski for getting their movie made and distributed, I do not admire this work. Perhaps in the future, they'll use their industrious abilities to create a better film that will make me laugh or cry. This movie did neither.

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