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Movie Review: Hitch

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I went to see this with expectations shading to the low side. Sure the trailers looked pretty funny, but it didn’t look like it was going to be anything special. I went anyway, I wanted to laugh, and there weren’t that many movies playing that I hadn’t yet seen. I think that helped.

I was right, the film wasn’t anything all that great, yet it scores big on the charisma of its star and an enjoyable supporting cast. The story is nothing special, it plays up the stereotypes and cliches surrounding dating. A lesser film would sink under the weight of trying to sustain a two hour film based on cliches. It could have been like any one of those bad Saturday Night Live films, you know, a five minute skit stretched out to feature film lengths. They tend to collapse, this one, on the other hand, places its basic plot in the hands of its cast and lets them take control.

Actually, describing the plot wouldn’t do it any justice. It is straight forward with no real surprises, and no real reason for it stand too high in the pantheon of great romantic comedies, yet it is still well worth your time. The basic story has a date doctor helping the everyman get a shot at the woman of their dreams, by helping them build up their confidence, but it turns out that he can only help others, when it comes to himself, his mojo just doesn’t work. There are a few twists, but they are all manufactured and could have been easily explained away with a simple conversation, fortunately, the plot isn’t what we are interested in.

Will Smith is an interesting performer. He has great on screen presence, and has a very easy going personality, and the role of Hitch fits him like a glove. He makes this movie as entertaining as it is, but some credit must go to his costars with which he shares great chemistry. First up is Kevin James, star of televisions King of Queens, who plays the sad sack accountant who needs all the help he can get to get up the nerve to approach the girl of his dreams. And second Eva Mendes, the object of Hitch’s inept attempts at romance.

The film does have a sweet nature to it, it does get a bit sappy towards the end. What it does though is provide a nice film for the Valentine’s Day weekend, a respite from the recent horror film stranglehold.

Bottomline. I know this review is does not make a lot of sense, but I was not sure of what to write. The film is very enjoyable, I sadly found myself identifying with Kevin James, and that added to my enjoyment. It is not a deep movie, but it will make an enjoyable night out.


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