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Movie Review: High School Musical 2

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High School Musical 2 is better than the original in many ways. The songs are catchier; the characters and their voices are more developed; and the choreography, lyrics, comedy, and cinematography all take a step in the right direction. However, the sequel’s plot is largely uninspired and both its teen romance and the moral of the story are dulled considering the film revolves around a kiss more than a learning experience.

When Troy (Zac Efron) gets hired as a waiter and caddy at the Lava Springs Country Club owned by Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) and Ryan’s (Lucas Grabeel) parents, he brings Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens), Chad (Corbin Bleu), Taylor (Monique Coleman), Kelsi (Olesya Rulin), Jason (Ryne Sanborn), Martha (Kaycee Stroh), and Zeke (Christopher Warren Jr.) along for the ride.

As the gang works as a lifeguard, waiter, event coordinator, entertainer, dishwasher, plate-preparer, and cook respectively, Troy quickly stands out as the star staff member with the Evans family. Plus, once he learns that Sharpay could possibly land him a basketball scholarship, Troy promises to sing a song with her at the annual talent show.

In the face of fame and fortune, Troy begins to sully his relationships with Gabriella and friends. Meanwhile, Sharpay tries to steal Troy’s love from Gabriella. But, that’s not possible; or is it? Don’t forget, “It’s summer… everything changes.”

One thing is for sure with High School Musical 2 — Sharpay has become exponentially more annoying. She now signs autographs, wears a crown, has the staff wait on her hand and foot, and sheepishly calls her mother “a back-stabbing yogi.” While all of this prissy behavior is vomit-inducing, that’s the intention, considering she is – after all – the film’s “villain.” However, more and more, Sharpay begins to resemble Eloise from the Me, Eloise series — blonde, snobby, conceited, and always looking for trouble.

On an upward note, “You Are the Music in Me,” “Gotta Go My Own Way,” and “Everyday” work. In addition, Sharpay’s “Gimme a beat” line is the highlight of her disposition. Finally, catching Coach Bolton in the off-season is a blessing to the script — allowing him to solely take on the role of “Dad.”

On the downward side, all of the characters look far more aged than six months. The DVD still contains the fade-outs allotted for commercial breaks, considering the movie was made for TV. “Humuhumunukunukuapua’a,” “I Don’t Dance,” and “Bet On It,” all crash and burn. Additionally, even a Miley Cyrus cameo can’t bring “All for One” up to speed.

Taking the high school setting on the road to a “summerized” country club certainly makes viewers long for the locker-laden halls where it all began. Yet, with 2, Disney still cashes in big time on its attempt to provide just as much fun as the original. However, much like how Vanessa Anne Hudgens dropped the “Anne” for this feature, one wishes that Disney could have dropped the cheesiness just the same.

While High School Musical 2 may have been a Nielsen hit and the Teen Choice Award winner for “Best T.V. Movie,” let’s see what director Kenny Ortega has in store for High School Musical 3’s theatrical release. With an increased budget for the silver screen, one would think that the result would be a superior product. There’s no question that 3 will succeed financially, but let’s hope that the third installment will graduate with class and not eke its way through its senior year.

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  • This seemed an awful lot like Saved by the Bell’s “summer season,” but with music. I actually enjoyed it in a strange way and I agree with you that it was better than the original.

  • You’re right Jordan! Visions of Zack and Kelly on the beach also entered my mind in the viewing process.

  • I still haven’t seen HSM2. After reading the review it makes me wonder whether I want to watch anymore. Should I still see it for the sake of it? or just steer clear? It IS better than the first from what I’ve heard. hmm???? well, all I do know is that I’m going to be tuning into Nickelodeon on March 29 to see if the HSM crew will win their FAVORITE VIDEO GAME nomination. Have you playet it, it’s on SingStar. The awards are going to air starting at 8PM, with my favorite funny man, Jack Black. oh yeah….. can’t wait to see who gets slimed.

    go to http://www.nick.com/kca for more details.

    (I got a couple of cool printables from there too)

  • sammi

    i love zac efron moree then any one in thie world lol

  • Anonymosh..

    Vannessa is so pretty what a waste of time
    I use to adore hur and when I herd of nude pics
    my admoration kame to an end it sad but Im still wondering is Ashely Tisdale 26?

  • jessica

    hi wuu2 i like ur new high school musical 2 book and movie

  • Ashley Tisdale is 22, which makes her more than okay in my book.

  • vanessa and zac are so not merrid tomorrow cause
    i say they arn’t ment to be together.ashley and
    zac should be marrid tomorrow they are so ment to be together forever.

  • dimple uy

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    i like it when vanessa is gone in high school musical 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and10.cause she is so over acting (o.a.).ashley is so beautiful,nice,pretty,smart,cute,fabilous,and so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so hot.hot like so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so beautiful.she should be the #1 star in the world.her voice is so sweet.

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    All hsm cast and they wonderful singers.Doesnt matters who looks!

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    it is so bad.please don’t show it again on t.v.

  • Stacey

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  • Terri

    I love Zac Efron – he is in two lists on The Times today about the best musicals in schools. I was very happy to see this.