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Movie Review: Fred: The Movie

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“My time is now!” — Fred Figglehorn

No quote was ever truer than this one. After making millions of people laugh out loud (or cringe from the high-pitched voice), Internet sensation Fred has made it to the small screen in his first ever Nicklelodeon movie.

Fred Figglehorn (Lucas Cruikshank) is a typical 15-year-old with an incredibly high-pitched voice and a set of similar shirts in his drawer. He likes to sing and dance, which Fred feels are his top talents. Fred is also incredibly obsessed with fellow classmate and next door neighbor Judy (Pixie Lot), whom he follows ever day after school and claims (falsely) is his girlfriend. Standing in his way is another neighbor, Kevin (Jake Weary), who undermines Fred’s confidence at every turn.

One day in music class Fred sees Kevin and Judy singing a duet of “Love Will Keep Us Together,” and firmly believes that Judy was upset at Kevin’s horrible performance. In order to save her, Fred decides to march over to her house and invite her over to sing with him; that way she can harmonize with a talented partner. After a confrontation with Kevin, Fred finally makes it to Judy’s, only to find out that she has moved, setting him off on a cross-city journey to rescue her.

One has to hand it to Cruikshank. In the world of YouTube, where anyone can be a “star,” he managed to create a truly unique character. Aging Fred from six to 15 is a bit jarring at first, but Cruikshank manages to keep all his quirks intact: the screaming, the inflated sense of ego, as well as the crippling anxiety. We truly believe Cruikshank is Fred, and for that matter Derf (an alter ego of sorts), and forget that he is an actor playing a role.

The translation from Internet to TV is a bit rough, but there are some moments of genuine wit. For instance, one minute Fred is throwing a tantrum, the next he is cleaning up the mess he made, and a clever reference to the movie Taken leads Fred to believe Judy has been kidnapped. There are also a few sly in-jokes poking fun at Fred’s popularity, as well as YouTube, and even a couple of nods to Fred’s voice. However, no movie aimed at teens would be possible without a few gross-out moments, which Fred: The Movie has sprinkled throughout, though they are relatively tame compared to other stuff out there.

The rest of the cast does a fine job as well, with John Cena and Jennette McCurdy (iCarly) clearly having fun in their roles, although they remain undeveloped. Which, when you think about it, is the point. This is Fred’s movie, and although it’s fun to meet the characters he often talks about, it was a wise move to still keep them at a distance.

Expectations were high, and although I wouldn’t call this a classic, Fred: The Movie had enough funny moments (not to mention a nicely done sappy ending) to keep me entertained, and unlike some Saturday Night Live Sketches turned into movies, did not wear out its welcome. I’m actually hoping for a sequel.

On a side note, the DVD of Fred: The Movie will be released October 5, and will feature a never before seen Fred video, a behind the scenes look at the making of Fred: The Movie, and a documentary chronicling Fred’s rise to fame.

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  • lollypop

    it is not what i thought it was going to be
    from seeing previews.Jennette Mcurdy was only in it 2 times.

  • fred

    hey lolypop im the real fred talking right now so anyways the movie that i made was all real i mean i really hate kevin hey if u make another comment saying to kevin saying ill call the cops ill take a picture of kevins BUTT CHEAK SENT TO YOU! ok so bye.

  • Referee

    I watched this movie twice with my daughter, she liked it and I must say it was actually a pretty good movie. This kid got famous on youtube when he was bored and now making money at it. This kid got to star in the movie with the girl from that Nick show my daughter likes and even got to be in there with John Cena which I am a wrestling ref so couldn’t understood why fred just got up from Cena’s AA Finisher that kind of broke Kayfabe a little bit! But all in all good movie!

  • freds biggest fan

    and judy is awsome

  • John Lake

    Really liked the movie. Have to be careful walking in the woods. Love to sing with Judy. The tantrums were really, really good!

  • jacob

    Fred is not all that funny on the internet but in the movie he was awesome and i do think they should make a another one it was the best movie ever

  • fred hater

    Fred Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anaya Williams

    how the heck could u like Fred: The Movie from seeing the world premire it wasnt what i thought it would be.. and i don’t think Fred should have started out with a movie, i think he would have been better off doing something similar to Icarly.. not trying to sound rude in any way, shape or form, but this movie is not worth watching.

  • #2 fred hater

    Fred sucks bawlsacks! He is terribly annoying and NOT FUNNY! Yeah I do hate him although not as much as justin Bieber. That being said, fredd go suck diicckk! Vroom Vroom from the Back!

  • (-)<(-)

    Why would they give this kid a movie?

  • matthew mcl

    ur biggest fan ur movie is awsome

  • matthew mcl

    do u atchely like singing

  • isabelle fitzpatrick

    i tink your the funnest guy on eart

  • isabelle fitzpatrick

    tell judy and rest . cant stop lafping . MAKE FRED THE MOIE 2 .

  • Paul

    This is the worst movie I have ever seen. I actually walked out as it was that bad!! Don’t waste your money on this pile of shit!

  • Egg

    I walked out during it, i got so pissed off cuz of it, its fucking annoying!!! I’ll give it a definate -5984375946598723085 stars. Notice the minus sign infront of that number.

  • Lolllipop

    This the worst Movieee ever!!!!!!! 🙂 Me and me mates whatched it, we kinda ran out it was zoo boringgggg!!!

  • RandomPerson

    @fred, your not the real fred. Fred is actually named Lucas Cruikshank and you don’t act like him. besides, why would he put his fake name on these reviews? Oh, great movie btw. i loved it

  • Anonymous

    “Fred’s” flaming homosexuality is quite offensive. This is definitely NOT a movie that should be seen by children. Shame on Nickelodeon for targeting our youth and forcing their beliefs on innocent minds!!!! As of today my children will no longer watch ANY Nickelodeon programming.

  • I never seen this movie one Fred sucks I thought he was cool as first until I realized what the hell he is nothing Lucas just got lucky that is all nothing more to say he has no talent and can’t act all he knows how to do is have a funny high pitched voice so what anyone can do it easy I can pull off the voice if I wanted to nothing special about fred and here is the funny thing he is getting another movie which I think is unfair when I work harder than him on youtube I should be getting my own movie not this dumb ass.

  • ryan


  • ruby vasqquez

    This movie is disturbing ! Its a 16 year old boy acting like a 6 year old. He has not one good message throught the intire movie . Also he speaks like a girl ! What am showing my kids? Being homosexual is okay ? Worst show , movie .( Whatever is it) i ever seen

  • Makayla

    Daer Fred the is makayla i wart a Kevin i like Kevin Fred i wat a Kevin
    Love makayla