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Movie Review: Flushed Away

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It's the age-old question: Is it better to be a lonely house-rat living in the lap of luxury or a grungy sewer-rat surrounded by family and friends? The former certainly seemed to be the better choice for Roddy (voice of Hugh Jackman), and when we are first introduced to him, it appears he has made quite a life for himself. He's driving a plastic sports car, playing beach volleyball on the living room rug, and even dating the doll next door, that is until he is outsmarted by a sewer-rat. But getting flushed away may have been just what Roddy needed.

Like Alice down the rabbit hole, next thing he knows, Roddy is in wonderland. Alright, it isn't a magical land filled with wondrous creatures, but it is an underground recreation of Britain, right down to the inanimate guards outside Buckingham Palace, and for rats, that's pretty impressive.

Roddy immediately begins his quest to get home, and on the advice of a sidewalk food vendor, Roddy finds himself acquiring the services of Rita (voice of Kate Winslet). Despite a rocky start, the two reluctantly become friends when they find themselves the target of a toad (Ian McKellen) who's been nursing a grudge against rats ever since he was passed over for royal pet by Prince Charles.

Like all good animated films, Flushed Away, from DreamWorks Animation, has a moral. It may not be as profound as "slow and steady wins the race", but Roddy does teach us that luxury is no substitute for friends and family. Top that off with a jovial soundtrack, including an original number by Roddy and a slug chorus, and Flushed Away is bound to be this year's Finding Nemo.

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About Liz

  • My 10-year old isn’t too keen on seeing this one, but really…is it worth the $9?

  • Liz

    Hey Joan…

    I obviously can’t speak from the perspective of a 10 year old boy but I can tell you that when I went to see Flushed Away the only other people in the theater were a mother, her daughter and her dauther’s friend [both of whom appeared to be about 10 years old]. As we were all exiting the theater the two girls seemed to enjoy the movie as much as I did and the mother smiled at me and said “that was really good!”

    On another note…I am a firm believer in matinees. Most theaters have a reduced rate for showings in the afternoon during the week and the first showing on the weekends. In other words, I haven’t paid $9 for a movie in quite some time and you shouldn’t be either!